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Flu shot program launches at Bartell

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SEATTLE — This flu season, Bartell Drugs is giving the communities it serves a variety of options to get immunized.

The Puget Sound-area drug chain is offering flu vaccinations at its stores and through flu clinics serving area businesses and retirement communities.

Flu vaccines are available on a walk-in basis at all of its 61 drug stores during pharmacy hours to those ages 5 and older. The 2013 to 2014 standard flu vaccine protects against three viruses expected to be the most common this flu season: two influenza A viruses (H1N1 and H3N2) and one influenza B virus.

Bartell also is offering the new quadrivalent flu vaccine, which provides protection for a fourth virus. Quadrivalent vaccines include two B viruses instead of one to ensure reasonable protection regardless of which type B virus circulates during the flu season. The vaccine is also available in a FluMist nasal spray.

Other options offered by Bartell include Fluzone High-Dose, which has a higher amount of antigen and is intended for seniors, and an intradermal flu vaccine, which is available for those ages 18 to 64 and uses a much smaller needle for injection into the skin, rather than the muscle.

For local businesses or retirement developments with 15 or more employees or residents, Bartell is offering off-site flu vaccination clinics.

The chain said the program helps businesses lessen the chance of lost productivity and employee absences due to sickness. For retirement communities, the clinics help residents protect themselves and those around them, who may be at higher risk for flu-related complications.


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