Franchise model for independents launched by Benzer

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TAMPA, Fla. — Benzer Pharmacy recently announced that it is introducing a franchise model that it says will revolutionize independent pharmacies.

Benzer Pharmacy_Greensboro_GAThe retail pharmacy chain is inviting independents to unite under the Benzer brand. Independent pharmacies need a common identity and platform to leverage their collective strength, according to the company.

“To thrive in this industry, independent pharmacy owners need to collaborate under one unique yet individual brand,” says Benzer franchise development manager Binita Patel.

Independent pharmacies, Benzer says, face medication reimbursement complexities and experience reductions in the number of prescriptions dispensed, access to specialty medications, vendor discounts and overall revenue growth.

Margin pressure, the company adds, is particularly acute for independents because 90% or more of their stores’ revenue comes from prescription sales, while larger pharmacy chains are able to offset lower prescription reimbursements with front-end sales.

The company says franchising with Benzer offers increased purchasing power, along with reductions in the cost of goods and expenses. In addition, geographical positioning, as well as being part of a chain of pharmacies, attracts more customers and increases the number of prescriptions dispensed, which leads to an increase in cash flow.Greater negotiating power is achieved when independents merge and their prescription volume and revenues increase.

Benzer also provides its franchisees with marketing and branding support, as well as administrative support from the corporate office and speciality medication dispensing power.

“Rebranding to Benzer Pharmacy helps you establish brand recognition while still maintaining your integrity as an independent pharmacy,” notes Patel. “Then you, the pharmacy owner, can focus on patient care and spending quality time with your family.”



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