Fred’s Pharmacy serves up Part D assistance

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With the start of Medicare Part D open enrollment, Fred’s Pharmacy is lending seniors a hand in determining their best prescription drug benefit options.

The Southeastern pharmacy operator is encouraging Part D beneficiaries to consult with a Fred’s pharmacist to ensure they have best plan for the medication(s) they take. Fred’s also is offering free Part D resources to seniors online at

Open enrollment, which began on Sunday, runs until Dec. 7. Fred’s noted that the period provides a good opportunity for seniors to compare their 2017 prescription drug plan (PDP) to options available to them in 2018, since PDPs change from year to year.

“It takes time to evaluate and select the Medicare Part D plan that’s right for you and offers the best value. Your pharmacist may not be the first source you think about when seeking information about Medicare Part D plans, but it makes sense,” according to Tim Liebmann, chief operating officer for pharmacy at Fred’s. “Your pharmacist knows your prescription needs as well as the Part D plans available in your area. He or she can explain the things about Medicare Part D that can be confusing and even help patients save money by choosing the best plan.”

Fred’s recommends that seniors planning a Part D consultation with one of its pharmacists do so as soon as possible and make a list of all their prescription medications and dosages so the pharmacist can ensure everything is covered.

Seniors also are urged to assess their cost tolerance, such as determining whether they’d prefer a lower monthly premium but pay a bit more out of pocket for each prescription, or pay a slightly higher fixed monthly cost with lower co-payments each time they go to the pharmacy.



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