Galderma ships Epiduo Forte Gel

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Galderma Laboratories has released Epiduo Forte Gel, a once-daily topical acne treatment, to retail pharmacies nationwide and in Puerto Rico.

The medication, adapalene and benzoyl peroxide 0.3%/2.5%, received Food and Drug Administration approval last month.

Galderma Epiduo Forte GelAccording to Galderma, Epiduo Forte Gel is the first combination of 0.3%/2.5% strengths of the retinoid adapalene and benzoyl peroxide developed for the moderate to severe acne population. The product contains the highest concentration of adapalene, which works to unclog blocked pores and inhibits the release of proinflammatory mediators, to help stop acne from forming under the skin’s surface and decreasing the redness, swelling and inflammation associated with pimples.

“At Galderma, we recognize the impact that acne has on various aspects of patients’ lives and we are committed to ensure all acne sufferers have suitable treatment options available by expanding our robust acne franchise,” stated Todd Zavodnick, president and general manager of Galderma. “The availability of Epiduo Forte Gel provides moderate to severe acne patients with a safe, effective and antibiotic-free treatment option and also underscores Galderma’s commitment to combat antibiotic resistance and acne simultaneously.”

Epiduo Forte Gel offers patients and physicians a unique treatment that combines two antibiotic-free medicines in one gel and is proven to control moderate to severe inflammatory acne. Left untreated, inflammatory acne may lead to long- term, skin-health issues including scarring.

Galderma noted that Epiduo Forte Gel also can help simplify the management of hard-to-treat acne, being a two-in-one medication that comes in an easy-to-use pump for addressing acne on the face, chest, back or shoulders.

“Acne, the most common skin condition in the United States, can have a wide-ranging negative impact on those with moderate to severe disease. Patients with significant acne suffer both emotionally, as it contributes to low self-esteem and depression, and physically, due to permanent physical scarring,” explained Jonathan Weiss, a board-certified dermatologist at Gwinnett Dermatology, a Galderma consultant and the leading clinical investigator for the Phase 3 trials of Epiduo Forte Gel. “I am confident that the availability of Epiduo Forte Gel will provide relief for patients, as it is the first combination of these strengths of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide developed to treat moderate to severe inflammatory acne.”


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