Gen. Michael Hayden brings timely insights to TSE

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DENVER — As international relations and cybersecurity issues continue to dominate the news, it was  extremely enlightening — and timely — to hear from a seasoned expert on these issues when Gen. Michael Hayden spoke during NACDS TSE Business Program on Sunday, August 26.

As a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, Hayden provided the audience a glimpse into his extraordinary understanding of national security issues, international conflicts and relations, and the current political climate and the consequences of it.

Watch this video of an interview with Hayden following his remarks with NACDS-TV. Hayden speaks about the importance of conferences like TSE and noted that NACDS’ “core purpose is to actually nurture innovative approaches for the industry.”

Watch more video highlights on the 2018 NACDS TSE playlist and view photos on the NACDS TSE Flickr album.



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