Genexa introduces new cough & chest congestion medicine for adults

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ATLANTA  With the prediction of an early and aggressive 2022 flu season ahead, Genexa has launched Cough & Chest Congestion for adults, a powerful maximum strength cough suppressant and expectorant designed to temporarily control cough, relieve chest congestion, and help thin and loosen mucus.

Genexa’s new Cough & Chest Congestion for adults delivers the same effective active ingredients as Mucinex Fast-Max DM, but unlike competitors, removes all unnecessary and artificial inactive ingredients like sorbitol, FD&C red 40, sucralose and more, in favor of clean alternatives.

“We’re excited to introduce Cough & Chest Congestion for adults as we provide consumers with a clean choice they can lean on during cold and flu season and beyond,” said David Johnson, cofounder and CEO of Genexa. “We care about what goes into our products and believe clean medicine is a choice people deserve to have. Our hope with this offering, as with all Genexa products, is that consumers never again have to choose between taking something effective and something made with clean ingredients.”

Genexa’s Cough & Chest Congestion for adults is an oral suspension with a delicious, organic blueberry flavor and is yet another addition to Genexa’s clean portfolio that helps uphold the brand’s steadfast commitment to delivering a new standard of clean, effective medicines families can trust during their sickest moments.

To deliver on their promise to put People Over Everything, Genexa has created an Ex List, which is their list of unnecessary inactive ingredients the company vows to never use in their medicine.

“As an integrative and holistic doctor, I’ve seen and heard first-hand the impact some of these artificial, inactive ingredients can have on people’s bodies over the long term,” said Dr. Taz Bhatia, Board Certified Physician & Wellness Expert, Genexa Medical Advisory Board and Partner. “I’m thrilled Genexa has added yet another effective offering to its clean portfolio so people like my patients have widespread access to medicines that will work for them, their bodies, and personal lifestyles, which is especially important during this time of year.”

Genexa’s Cough & Chest Congestion for adults can be purchased at Genexa.com or on Amazon and will also be available in CVS and Rite Aid by the end of November.


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