Genexa offers clean, effective infants and kids; pain and fever reducers

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ATLANTA  Families concerned about rising respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and flu cases in the United States have a new potential obstacle to worry about – what appears to be an emerging shortage of infants’ and kids’ pain relievers and fever reducers, which first impacted Canada and now seems to be a growing concern in the United States.

While demand for pain relievers and fever reducers typically increases during cold and flu season, there are growing concerns about the supply of infants’ and kids’ pain and fever medicines. As a result, Genexa, the first and only clean medicine company founded in 2016, has been approached by major retailers asking for more of its clean pediatric acetaminophen products to meet increased demand that cannot be fulfilled by other brands.

Genexa’s Infants’ and Kids’ Pain & Fever medicines are made with the same effective acetaminophen as the leading brands, but are free of all artificial fillers including dyes, artificial sweeteners, and artificial preservatives. As fierce advocates for clean medicine, the brand is experiencing unprecedented growth due to increased demand and short supply from competitors, and is working with its retail partners and pediatricians across the country to call attention to the options consumers have with Genexa’s clean acetaminophen products.

“We want families to know we are here for them and have clean, effective infants’ and kids’ pain relievers and fever reducers that deliver the same, effective acetaminophen as other brands but without all the artificial inactive ingredients,” said David Johnson, Genexa’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We started Genexa because we wanted a clean choice for our families—and for all families—it’s just what people deserve. We’re committed to keeping shelves stocked during this time as we continue to provide widespread access to our medicines.”

 Because Genexa’s unique formulation does not rely on artificially derived inactive ingredients, it is not experiencing the shortages impacting traditional brands. In fact, on the heels of Genexa’s Kids’ Pain and Fever Chewable launch, Genexa is ramping up production to give families and healthcare professionals viable options they can depend on – free of dyes, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, all artificial inactive ingredients.

“Many of my patients are actively seeking out products without unnecessary artificial ingredients that are not only better suited for their lifestyles, but are thoughtfully made with situations like this in mind,” said Dr. Shayna Smith, Pediatrician with Flourish Pediatrics in Sandy Springs, GA. “I’m grateful I can recommend products like Genexa’s Infants’ and Kids’ Pain & Fever as effective, and widely available options people can turn to as other branded pain and fever medicines may become increasingly hard to find.”

Genexa products, including its Infants’ and Kids’ Pain & Fever medicines, can be found in 45,000 retailers nationwide, including Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, Rite Aid, and more.


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