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Genoa opens its 300th pharmacy

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TUKWILA, Wash. — Behaviorial health specialist Genoa has opened its 300th pharmacy location, in Tamarac, Fla.

Genoa said Thursday that its new pharmacy is located inside the Henderson Behavioral Health center. The company, which serves more than 500,000 patients annually in 41 states and the District of Columbia and fills over 10 million prescriptions a year, noted that its steady expansion is helping to address national shortages in access to care for people with mental illnesses and addiction disorders.

Genoa pharmacy window“Our country needs an increased focus on providing care for those suffering with mental health challenges,” Genoa chief executive officer John Figueroa said in a statement.Genoa is committed to partnering with behavioral health organizations to help people with mental illnesses and addictions overcome the many barriers they face and improve their lives.

“The tremendous growth we’ve achieved in the past few years is a testament to the innovative ways we help people on their path to recovery. We are excited to celebrate our milestone 300th pharmacy opening with Henderson,” he added.

Genoa said its on-site pharmacy model helps overcome the barriers many people with mental illness face by providing medicines at the same place they receive their care. That, in turn, boosts patients’ medication adherence and improves their health outcomes,saving the health care system millions of dollars via lower rates of hospitalization and less use of emergency departments, according to the company.

Medication management solutions provided by Genoa include convenient adherence packaging that features a color-coded system developed for people living with severe and persistent mental illness. The company said the system organizes medicine by day and time and helps patients and their caregivers keep track of the medication regimen.

Genoa noted that its pharmacists and technicians work closely with prescribers, nurses and caseworkers at behavioral health clinics to provide personalized care for each patient. The company explained that centralization of medical care that offers comprehensive services, including pharmaceutical care, in one location has proved to be effective, since Genoa pharmacies are just steps away from the prescribing doctor and make it easier for patients to obtain their medication, especially those who lack transportation.

“Our amazing team of professionals is passionately committed to our patients and their families,” stated Steve Ronik, CEO of Henderson Behavioral Health, a private, nonprofit behavioral health system. “The addition of Genoa pharmacists on-site will lead to even better outcomes with our expanded and improved interdisciplinary teams.”

In addition to pharmacy services, Genoa provides telepsychiatry services via its acquisition of 1DocWay Inc., the nation’s largest outpatient telepsychiatry provider. Genoa said that many of the community health centers it works with face increased demand for support, and telepsychiatry provides a way to fill the gaps in supply and demand for mental health services, including psychiatrist availability.


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