Gensco releases ColciGel transdermal gout treatment

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MIAMI — Gensco Laboratories has launched ColciGel, a transdermal gel for the treatment of acute gout flares in adults.

The specialty pharmaceuticals company said Wednesday that ColciGel (colchicinum) is available now by prescription to relieve the symptoms of gout attacks. The medication comes in packs of two 15 ml bottles, providing 120 doses.

Gensco_ColciGel gout transdermal gelThe product is being offered through specialty pharmacies, including Apogee Bio-Pharm, Aureus Health Services, BriovaRx, Cardinal Health Specialty, Cigna Health, MagellanRx Pharmacy, ProCare Rx Pharmacy, Senderra Rx Pharmacy, SMP Pharmacy Solutions and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, among others.

“ColciGel is a transdermal medication that provides rapid relief of pain at the first sign of acute gout flares without gastrointestinal problems. The medication should be applied directly on the site of the pain,” stated Robert Wilbur, Pharm.D. CPh.  “ColciGel offers gout sufferers, and physicians that treat these patients, an important new option to stay ahead of the horrible pain before it strikes.”

An extremely painful form of inflammatory arthritis, gout affects more than 4% of Americans and about 10% of men over age 60. It is more common in women after menopause.  The disease occurs from an excess of uric acid, which is deposited as needle-like crystals in the joints or soft tissue. The crystals cause redness, swelling, stiffness and intense pain in the joints, which in turn can cause gout flares.

Gensco noted that one in five gout sufferers isn’t doing anything to treat the disease, and only 10% are getting treatment.

“Unfortunately, gout attacks often occur without warning. This sudden attack is referred to as a flare and will normally subside within three to 10 days. But during that time frame, the pain is excruciating if untreated,” explained Gary Myerson, M.D., Founding Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology. “The secret to the treatment of the acute gout attack is to be prepared and treat the flare early.”

Copay assistance and cash pay programs for ColciGel are available to patients through participating specialty pharmacies, Gensco said.

“As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we have a responsibility to provide access to safe and effective medications. We recognize the need to assist with the financial burden as our duty,” “Our corporate focus is to utilize our resources on innovative research and the development of unique delivery systems, and it aligns with our specialty partners’ efforts to improve access and the quality of life for patients who suffer from debilitating diseases,” commented said Carlos Alfaras, CEO of Gensco Laboratories. “The Gensco Specialty Pharmacy distribution partnerships foster the growing need to focus on disease states which our new transdermal ColciGel serves.”


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