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Gillette readies new grooming options for 2018

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BOSTON — In January, Gillette plans to roll out eight men’s and women’s shaving and grooming solutions that the brand calls its “most comprehensive innovation bundle ever.”

The Procter & Gamble brand said Gillette’s 2018 product lineup include the first cooling technology for disposable razors, the first Venus facial hair removal device and new Gillette3 and Gillette5 refillable razors for less than $10.

Gillette noted that the new offerings reflect a study research of consumer habits and practices, consumer feedback and market trends to identify and address unmet grooming needs. The company said the latest products are aimed at several high interest areas, including the 40 million U.S. men who prefer disposable razors; the rising number of men who want high-quality, refillable razors below $10 dollars; and the nearly 50% of women who remove facial hair.

Gillette Sensor3 Cooling)Venus Face PrecisionFor men, the new Gillette solutions include the following:

• Gillette Sensor3 Cool disposable razors with Cooling Technology. Designed for the 10 million men who prefer the disposable razor form and seek a cooling, refreshing benefit, this proprietary cooling technology — currently only found on Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill razors — will now be available in Gillette’s disposable line, at a suggested retail price of $4.99 to $6.99.

• Gillette3 and Gillette5 razors. For men who want high-quality refillable razors for a lower price, the Gillette3 (three blades) and Gillette5 (five blades) deliver a close and comfortable shave and sport a new soft Aqua Grip handle that provides strong grip and control, even when wet, the company said. Gillette5 also features Atomic Carbon and Telomer coatings that enhance blade durability shave after shave. The new razors will carry a retail price of $7.99 to $9.99.

• Improved Gillette Fusion5 and Gillette MACH3 cartridges. These new blade cartridges have both been upgraded with Low Cutting Force blades, which Gillette said are finer, thinner blades with an advanced low-resistance coating to cut through hair with less tug and pull. The cartridges are priced at $9.99 for a MACH3 and $14.99 for a Fusion four-pack.

Responding to women’s hair removal needs across the body, Venus brand is launching new products to give women more grooming options than ever before, according to Gillette. New items include the following.

• Venus Face Perfection. Almost half of women remove facial hair, and Venus aims to make this task more convenient for women with its first facial hair root removal device. Intended for areas such as the upper lip, eyebrow, chin and forehead, Venus Face Perfection delivers long-lasting facial hair removal at home with precision, catching hair up to four times shorter than with waxing, the company said. It will retail for $34.99.

• Venus Bikini Precision. For the two out of three women who remove bikini hair, Venus is providing a new solution for the bikini area. The $19.99 Venus Bikini Precision allows women to trim, shape and line the bikini, and it comes in an slim, pen-like design for easy storage and control.

• Venus Platinum. Forty percent of women indicated they want a more durable razor handle. The refillable Venus Platinum marks the brand’s first metal razor handle for women. A heavy and well-balanced handle in the Venus Extra Smooth family, Venus Platinum delivers a smooth and comfortable shave with an attractive metal handle, at a price of $8.99 for a razor and cartridge.

Gillette added that the product introductions also reflects its new business strategy, which is sharpens the brand’s focus on providing a full portfolio of offerings for consumers and builds on its broader plan to keep driving innovation, promote brand awareness and trial, and deliver engaging in-store experiences.

“For over a century, our goal has been to deliver the best, most reliable grooming experience possible for consumers,” stated Charlie Pierce, group president of global grooming at Procter & Gamble. “With this launch, we are demonstrating that this commitment is true for every single product tier in our portfolio, and we are making Gillette’s technology even more accessible to men and women everywhere. We want consumers to know that whatever their need, we have a product that will deliver a superior experience and unbeatable value.”


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