GMDC adopts ReposiTrak trading platform

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ReposiTrak platform

ReposiTrak’s solution is designed to simplify compliance management and sourcing for trading partners in the supply chain.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Global Market Development Center (GMDC) has enlisted ReposiTrak Inc. to provide a comprehensive compliance and sourcing platform for nonfood items.

GMDC said that under the pact, ReposiTrak will be the exclusive solution provider for compliance management and sourcing of retail-ready vendors. Plans call for GMDC to introduce the platform to its members, whose total volume represents more than 125,000 retail outlets and $500 billion in sales.

The cloud-based ReposiTrak solution stands to enhance the discovery process and improve collaboration in essential nonfood and high-gross margin categories across channels for GMDC members.

“ReposiTrak is a pioneering innovator in delivering robust retail management software solutions for our rapidly changing industry,” according to Patrick Spear, president and chief executive officer of GMDC . “This technology will equip our members with a toolbox for success in a constantly evolving marketplace. We are thrilled to partner with ReposiTrak as we continue to advance and expand our ecosystem.”

A subsidiary of Park City Group, ReposiTrak specializes compliance and track-and-trace solutions for the grocery and foodservice industries, helping companies lower regulatory, financial and brand risk in the supply chain. ReposiTrak’s platform, powered by Park City’s technology, includes the Compliance Management and MarketPlace primary applications.

The Compliance Management application can automate the collection and management of a GMDC member’s required documentation from their supply chain partners — such as supplier agreements, insurance certificates and factory audits — and help reduce risk in their extended supply chain.

Meanwhile, the MarketPlace tool enables member retailers and wholesalers to source qualified suppliers in ReposiTrak’s community of 40,000-plus connections, saving weeks of time, GMDC reported. The application also can ease friction between trading partners in the drive to bring new products to the shelf as quickly as possible, according to GMDC.

“GMDC is committed to helping its members drive growth through collaboration, so it is rewarding to join them in leveraging our technology to drive this effort,” stated Randy Fields, chairman and CEO of Park City Group. “Given GMDC’s reputation and scale, this partnership solidifies ReposiTrak as the industry standard across all vendors and categories in the supermarket and will bolster the rapid adoption we are experiencing,” he added


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