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GNC introduces Total Lean GlucaTrim

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PITTSBURGH — GNC announced the debut of GNC Total Lean GlucaTrimthe new multi-action weight loss supplement designed to help users drop pounds and lose inches by utilizing an innovative formula that maintains lean muscle mass, while supporting healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. GlucaTrim offers solutions to the issues facing health-conscious consumers interested in weight loss without a prescription.

“The team at GNC is hyper-focused on our customers’ health, recognizing the increasing demand for effective weight loss,” says Rachel Jones, MS RDN and senior vice president, chief product innovation and science officer at GNC. “GNC Total Lean GlucaTrim gives consumers an affordable, non-prescription, botanical-focused supplement that’s backed by a team of scientists and dietitians who are passionate about helping people reach their weight loss goals.”

A key feature of GlucaTrim is its effectiveness in protecting against the loss of lean mass and muscle. Many trending weight loss solutions significantly reduce lean mass and muscle, leaving negative impacts on metabolism and long-term weight loss. The breakthrough formulation used in GlucaTrim is proven to support metabolism in the user’s weight loss journey by protecting against the loss of critical muscle mass.

The multifaceted supplement features Slimvance, a botanical blend clinically proven to help lose nearly 12 pounds and fuel weight loss results starting in just two weeks. This key component works with metabolism to increase calorie burning for those looking to break through plateaus and achieve real weight loss. This groundbreaking supplement also leverages other proven botanicals including Reducose, a clinically proven leaf extract that supports the optimal balance of blood glucose and insulin after a meal, Chromax to support healthy glucose and insulin levels, and Berberine, shown to support blood sugar and increase weight loss^*.

The introduction of GlucaTrim reinforces GNC’s position as a leader in the weight loss market which has soared this past year with consumers increasingly searching for and purchasing effective weight loss solutions.

For the past 15 years GNC Total Lean has been helping people reach their wellness goals with a wide range of products, which can all be used with the new GlucaTrim product. The comprehensive range of Total Lean offerings includes the Total Lean meal replacement shakes in both powder and ready-to-drink formats, Lean Bars, and weight management supplements Total Lean 60 Burn and Total Lean CLA. GlucaTrim is a caffeine-free supplement that should be taken daily before the two largest meals and works in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise program.

GlucaTrim is available now exclusively at GNC retail stores nationwide and online at www.gnc.com. Members of myGNC Rewards and PRO Access who subscribe to receive GlucaTrim regularly through the GNC Routines program can earn up to $50 in bonus cash back rewards every year, as well as receive a 10% discount and free shipping on every order.


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