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Good Day wins recognition for MTM

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LOVELAND, Colo. — Good Day Pharmacy said it had been named best in class by OutcomesMTM, a Cardinal Health company that designs, delivers and administers medication therapy management ­programs.

Good Day Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy chain under the Health Mart umbrella. It operates nine pharmacies in northern Colorado and employs 133 people.

“The best-in-class designation means that Good Day pharmacies in Eaton, Fort Collins (at Sprouts Farmers Market) and Wellington have each achieved the rank of top 15% of all MTM centers in Colorado,” Good Day said in a statement last month.

The Good Day Pharmacy at Heritage Market in Eaton, Colo., was ranked No. 1 in the state, the company said, in recognition of the job done by the pharmacy’s manager, Allisen Cole, and her team in helping to create a successful process for MTM.

Federal Medicare drug laws allow for payment to pharmacists for MTM when patients have multiple chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension and are taking multiple medications. Pharmacies have lobbied in recent years for changes to rules that allow pharmacists to do more and to get paid for these additional services.

MTM has become a main focus at Good Day, the company said. “In a volume-oriented industry that seems somewhat monopolized by mail-order ‘telephone’ pharmacies, personal face-to-face service and clinical advice is not always deemed a priority,” Good Day noted. “Some independent pharmacies, like Good Day, are looking to turn this around in a time when quality and patient education is again becoming important to payers.

“The goals of MTM are to help patients better understand their medications, how to use them properly and how to achieve better health because of it.”

As MTM providers, Good Day pharmacists “proactively identify MTM-eligible patients and provide comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) to reinforce patient understanding and ensure coordination of care.”

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