Grocery Outlet energizes momentum with RangeMe partnership

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SAN FRANCISCO —  RangeMe has announced a new partnership with the flourishing Calif.-based retailer Grocery Outlet, a nationwide leader in extreme-value grocery.

Grocery Outlet offers big savings on brand name products, with customers able to save 40% to 70% compared to conventional retailers. The fastest growing, extreme-value grocer in the U.S., Grocery Outlet has over 300 locations and carries a full range of products. From fresh produce, meat, deli and dairy to a wide assortment of natural and organic choices. They also offer a large selection of beer and wine, health and beauty care, as well as seasonal items.

“We are committed to bringing our customers premium products at tremendous value,” says Steve Wilson, senior vice president of purchasing for Grocery Outlet. “And part of that commitment relies on having access to an abundance of suppliers who have high-quality, singular products at the ready. Expanding our options and increasing efficiency with RangeMe means we can truly excel for our customers.”

A dynamic retailer surging in popularity, Grocery Outlet is connecting with those shoppers seeking deep discounts on unique, name brand products. And now, as a partner with RangeMe, they’re connecting with suppliers to provide those products consumers are demanding, bringing the grocery experience full circle.

“Welcoming Grocery Outlet to the RangeMe platform opens up a whole new opportunity for our suppliers to connect with a retailer that takes an outside-the-box approach to grocery retail,” said Nicky Jackson, founder and chief executive officer of RangeMe. “Products that traditionally get underutilized because of packaging changes, overruns in production, or closeouts are now given new life by a retailer that is continually updating its product selection to bring its customers fresh and innovative products.”

By partnering with RangeMe, Grocery Outlet can now search more than 150,000 product suppliers and their 600,000+ products to find those products that will WOW customers and meet their needs—all in one place. What’s more, RangeMe’s efficient and easy-to-use platform makes navigating the new product landscape easier than ever.

“Grocery Outlet’s mission to bring unique products at high savings, while maintaining their independent retailer roots is one of the many reasons we wanted to bring them to RangeMe,” Jackson added. “They are a leader in the trend of opportunistic buying, and that means our suppliers have a new avenue to showcase their products.”

Each Grocery Outlet store features more than 500 “NOSH” items—products that fall under the natural, organic, specialty, and healthy labels. And as the trend of consumers’ desires for healthier products continues its rise, RangeMe suppliers are in prime position to fulfill those needs.

“By partnering with RangeMe, we can continue grow and strengthen our supplier relationships, and already we’ve discovered products that we feel will meet our consumers’ demands and expectations,” Wilson said. “And through this partnership we are furthering how we differentiate from other retailers, and securing our firm position within the grocery industry.”

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on products from Grocery Outlet, and a promise to suppliers to bring them an easy way to connect with buyers from RangeMe, the new partnership is sure to prove advantageous for all parties involved.



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