GSK adds Flonase Sensimist to OTC allergy spray lineup

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WARREN, N.J. — GSK Consumer Healthcare has expanded its Flonase over-the-counter allergy relief nasal spray line with Flonase Sensimist, designed to offer a more comfortable spray experience.

Flonase Sensimist_GSK ConsumerGSK said Wednesday Flonase Sensimist Allergy Relief (fluticasone furoate 27.5 mcg spray) features MistPro technology, which delivers a fine, gentle but powerful mist spray. Take once daily, the spray provides 24-hour, nondrowsy relief of seasonal and perennial allergy symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, runny or itchy nose, and sneezing.

Flonase Sensimist’s ergonomic design also sports a short nozzle, so it’s less invasive, and delivers consistent dosing each time with little or no drip, according to the company. The spray is scent- and alcohol-free.

“GSK Consumer Healthcare has a strong heritage in discovering and developing respiratory products to meet patient needs worldwide,” stated Jennifer Nadelson, senior brand manager for Flonase at GSK. “With Flonase Sensimist, we’re proud to offer allergy sufferers an additional product option providing more complete symptom reliefi in a new, unique, user-friendly device.”

Like other Flonase products, Flonase Sensimist protects against allergies caused by triggers like pollen, mold, dust and pets. And unlike most OTC allergy pills, which act just on histamine, Flonase Sensimist helps block six key inflammatory substances, GSK said.

Flonase Sensimist is available now at major retailers nationwide and online. Previously available by prescription only, the product was approved in August by the Food and Drug Administration for OTC availability.

The Flonase nasal spray line also includes Flonase Allergy Relief, which went over the counter in 2015, and Children’s Flonase Allergy Relief, which was launched last March.


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