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Hallmark unveils new Paper Wonder cards for holidays

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KANSAS CITY — Hallmark is launching Paper Wonder, a brand new card line featuring 20 different designs in five unique formats. This new innovation from Hallmark highlights the artistry of paper craft, which consumers say they increasingly associate with luxury and collectability.

“Paper Wonder brings a whole new dimension to the greeting card – literally. Each intricately crafted card unfolds, pops, or expands to reveal a surprise inside. This diverse collection of paper craft inspires consumers to explore, discover, and share with the people they love,” said Amy McAnarney, vice president and general manager key accounts and business development of Hallmark Cards. “Paper Wonder is also available in boxed cards and gift presentation. Paper Wonder will be the focus of Hallmark’s national marketing campaign this holiday featuring digital ads, online video, streaming audio, and a Hallmark Channel integration. Look for the product line to expand into 2019 with cards for key holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, as well as everyday occasions such as birthday.”

She added that Hallmark Signature, the fastest growing premium brand, will take paper craft to a whole new level with the ancient art of quilling. “Small strips of paper are hand-rolled, coiled, shaped and individually placed on each card to create a beautiful handmade piece of art in this four-card collection. Signature will also showcase the art of paper craft with a two-card collection featuring cards that expand into beautiful, three-dimensional paper ornaments. The card line also has a number of sweet dimensional designs for kids that will inspire play such as cards that feature traditional Christmas icons as removable finger puppets.”

McAnarney said new innovations in gift wrap this holiday will help consumers make the outside of their gifts just as special as the surprise inside. Paper Wonder will also be debuting with dimensional gift wrap to bring an extra element of surprise under the tree. The collection features gift bags, wrapping paper and trim that will help provide a cohesive look and style to your holiday.

Also new this holiday, are Closed Top Gift Bags and Scented Tissue Paper. “Box top bags make it easy to wrap a gift with the ease of a gift bag, but provide the unwrapping experience of a box that feels a little more special. It’s also perfect for hiding gifts from present-peekers until Christmas. Scented tissue paper is a surprising new way to wrap a gift by bringing some of your favorite holiday scents to the experience. Scents include peppermint and pine. The fun holiday prints coordinate with many Hallmark small, medium and large gift bags,” she explained.

Finally, Hallmark Signature bringing a premium look and feel to the world of gift wrap with heavier paper, unique embellishments, gift boxes, metal handles, tissue paper with glittered edges, and so much more. “Hallmark Signature wrapping paper is perfect for sophisticated shoppers who want to make sure their gifts really stand out under the Christmas tree or on the gift table at a holiday gathering,” she concluded.


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