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HALLS brand works with Kinsa to better forecast illness

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SAN FRANCISCO — Kinsa, an insights solutions business that accurately forecasts illness-driven demand for products and services, announced HALLS, a leading cough drop brand in the United States, as a new customer today. HALLS will leverage Kinsa’s Forecast Advisor to inform financial planning and stakeholder & retail partner engagement.

Kinsa aggregates data from many sources and collects the “missing ingredient” data from a proprietary network of millions of households to accurately forecast spreading infectious illness and corresponding demand for products and services. Kinsa’s geographic illness insights, which include prevalence of fever and symptoms such as cough, have been shown to accurately forecast the spread of existing diseases like influenza weeks to months in advance, and predict the emergence of novel illnesses like COVID-19 weeks before an outbreak occurs.


For symptom relief brands like HALLS – and other brands in highly volatile illness categories like cough, cold, flu, nasal, COVID, and disinfectants – Kinsa helps:

  • Reduce out-of-stocks
  • Assess risk and plan more effectively
  • Enhance marketing & media effectiveness to where and when people need their products

“The timing and intensity of illness is highly volatile. Symptom relieving brands have the challenge of preparing for illness season with little information on what to expect. Now, with Kinsa’s illness forecasts, HALLS can make business decisions with more confidence,” said Inder Singh, founder and CEO of Kinsa. “I’m glad to work with HALLS to help ensure consumers have access to their symptom relief products where and when they need them, advancing Kinsa’s mission to curb the spread of illness.”

Forecast Advisor combines Kinsa’s real-time illness insights, available at the county-level, with Kinsa’s proprietary national cough, cold and flu season forecast. With an accurate prediction of illness trends, HALLS can better support its retail partners & inform internal financial planning.

“I’m looking forward to working with Kinsa to gain a deeper understanding of the spread of illness so we can better help our consumers get back to the things that matter most in their life,” said Chris Park, Directory of Marketing at HALLS.

Case studies with other brands using Kinsa’s Forecast Advisor show:

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