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HDA releases policy principles for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

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Chester “Chip” Davis, Jr.

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) today released policy principles reaffirming the pharmaceutical distribution industry’s commitment to ensuring — in partnership with federal and state governments — the safe and efficient distribution of COVID-19 vaccines once they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

HDA highlights four priority areas for vaccine distribution:

  • Utilizing Distribution Network and Expertise: The federal government should continue to leverage the capabilities of the nation’s existing pharmaceutical distribution infrastructure to expedite and streamline efforts in the ongoing COVID-19 response as vaccines come to market. The industry has the skill and knowledge to manage a complex supply chain, and distributors are prepared to use their networks to help ensure rapid patient access at points of administration once a vaccine is developed.
  • Securing the Vaccine Supply: Distributors work tirelessly to protect the security of the pharmaceutical supply chain. The industry has long-standing relationships with stakeholders and extensive experience and capability to manage the storage, transportation and security of vaccines along their entire journey — from the manufacturer to the point they are dispensed to patients. This expertise will be urgently needed given the nature of the products and the attention and scrutiny the distribution of a vaccine will draw.
  • Federal and State Government Partnerships: It is critical that federal and state authorities work together to designate priority populations, localities and eligible facilities, and communicate that information to supply chain partners to ensure these products are distributed as safely and expeditiously as possible to points of administration.
  • Transparency and Communication: Clear communication and transparency from government agencies to private and public sector stakeholders, healthcare providers and patients is critical to ensuring confidence throughout the vaccine prioritization process. Federal and state governments should continue to work in collaboration with supply chain partners to maximize the swift delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare providers and patients in their care.

“Our industry is committed to working closely with all levels of government and leveraging strong relationships across the supply chain in our continued response to COVID-19,” said HDA president and CEO Chester “Chip” Davis, Jr. “Distributors have the experience, infrastructure and relationships to support the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. We stand ready to leverage our logistics expertise and maximize the efficiencies of the existing distribution networks to deliver vaccines and therapeutics safely and securely to points of administration across the country.”

View the principles document.

For additional information and resources on pharmaceutical distributors’ response to COVID-19, visit www.hda.org/covid19.


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