Health delivered campaign highlights unique role of distributors

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Chip Davis

ARLINGTON, Va. — Since launching their Health Delivered campaign on March 22, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) has continued to highlight how healthcare distributors are ensuring a safe and efficient supply chain for Americans.

President and CEO Chip Davis recently spoke with FiercePharma about the campaign, which highlights the integral role of distributors in response to COVID-19 and beyond.

“Health Delivered is the theme of the campaign because in a very succinct way, it captures both the focus and the mission of HDA and our members—to ensure that people have access to the healthcare that they need,” said Davis.

The article provides additional background on Health Delivered and how it showcases the oftentimes “behind the scenes” efforts of the healthcare distribution industry and HDA members’ overall commitment to a safe and efficient supply chain. Read the complete article here.

Additionally, in this week’s Chain Drug Review Video Forum, Davis provides his perspective on the resiliency of the pharmaceutical supply, noting that during COVID-19, “… as both the U.S. and the world, in many aspects, were shutting down, the pharmaceutical ecosystem in many ways was rising up.”

Davis further discusses how distributors are applying the lessons learned from the past 14-and-a-half months to ensure essential medicines and healthcare products are delivered to pharmacies and providers, and ultimately patients. Also, he addresses the ongoing implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, Health Delivered and the industry’s top priorities. Watch the video here

Additional information about the campaign is available at HealthDelivered.org.



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