Health Enterprises unveils custom molded earplugs

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NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. — Health Enterprises Inc. is expanding its line of hearing protection offerings with the Pro-Fit and Swim-Fit Custom Molded Earplugs.

Both products enable consumers to easily form a custom molded earplug to fit the unique contour of their ear within 10 minutes, according to the company. Once formed, the earplugs can be reused for up to six months.

Health Enterprises said the Pro-Fit Earplug — carrying a 29 noise reduction rating — is well-suited for sleep, study, work and loud events.

The Swim-Fit, meanwhile, helps seal out water, which helps prevent swimmer’s ear in swimming or water sports. Unlike traditional soft silicone earplugs, the Swim-Fit plugs float and are red in color, allowing users to easily locate them if they fall out.

"Unlike traditional foam and silicone earplugs, which are disposable and one-size-fits-all, these custom molded earplugs deliver a personalized fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness," comments Brendan Leonard, president of Health Enterprises. "Since these plugs can be used daily for up to six months, consumers can realize substantial savings."


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