Health Mart highlights community pharmacy tools

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Health Mart is showcasing solutions to help independent pharmacies improve their clinical, operational and financial performance at the National Community Pharmacists Association Annual Convention.

Health Mart said Tuesday that solutions highlighted at the NCPA Annual Convention, which kicked off this weekend and runs through tomorrow, include the myHealthMart mobile app, DIR Estimator tool, Multi-Store Performance Scorecards, Collaborative Practice Agreement Program and Physician Outreach Program.

“Health Mart has heavily invested to help guide our more than 4,800 stores with education, tools and the implementation support they need to improve their pharmacy’s clinical and business performance,” Crystal Lennartz, chief pharmacist for Health Mart, said in a statement. “At NCPA, we’re showcasing significant enhancements to the myHealthMart platform and a number of new tools designed to help drive improvements in performance and store profitability.”

Health Mart pharmacy counter

Since myHealthMart launched, more than 80% of Health Mart stores are using the platform to proactively manage their business. To date, 4,000 registered stores and more than 7,000 individuals are using myHealthMart to improve their clinical and business performance and profitability, reported Health Mart, a unit of McKesson Corp.

Designed to extend the user experience and improve the timeliness of alerts, key updates to myHealthMart include an iOS Mobile App. The myHealthMart app enables users to customize key performance metrics, to view store performance and set goals for each measure. Users can also manage inbound patient online refills and send Rx-Ready notifications direct to patients. Other new functionality includes a DIR Estimator, which enables users to identify, track and plan when direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fee amounts are being withheld to prepare for collection clawbacks, and License Expiration Alerts.

Another new tool helps users optimize purchasing by reviewing customized promotions and discounts specific to each pharmacy, including generics, and flu vaccine preorders. Multi-Store Performance Scorecards provide a comprehensive multi-store view that gauges performance against benchmarks, totals and averages.

With more than 4,000 Health Marts immunizing, the physician-signed Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) Program is an example of how Health Mart is helping pharmacies expand clinical services. Building on the success of the immunization CPAs, Health Mart has expanded the program to include customizable CPA templates which enable additional service delivery in the pharmacy and/or in local provider offices, as well as facilitating payment terms for collaborative drug therapy management services.

Pharmacist CPA services templates are now available for all 50 states through myHealthMart, which pharmacies can customize and work with local providers to sign.

Health Mart is also spotlighting new capabilities for the Physician Outreach Program, with new data within the online tool. New drug category information will enable pharmacies to see the top drug categories prescribed by local prescribers improving their ability to target physicians based on the type of patients they see and the drugs they prescribe. New data also enables pharmacies to better identify other facilities the physician may be associated with and includes script data for veterinarians, podiatrists, and dentists.


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