Health Mart town halls to focus on med sync

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SAN FRANCISCO — Health Mart is kicking off its third town hall event series to help pharmacies implement medication synchronization.

The “Get in Sync: Medication Synchronization” events encourage pharmacists to consider an appointment-based model with medication synchronization, shifting them from reactive prescription filling to a service orientation. Health Mart will host more than 100 complimentary town hall continuing education events across the country through early 2016.

“Med sync is a critically important opportunity for independent pharmacists to improve patient care and clinical quality measures, as well as streamline pharmacy operations and improve their bottom line,” said Health Mart president Steve Courtman. “However, med sync is not the end goal; it is the vehicle that will enable our pharmacies to make the transition from just filling prescriptions to taking a more proactive, patient-centric approach.”

The interactive peer-to-peer workshops provide a comprehensive review of the benefits of medication synchronization. These include increased operational efficiencies to free up time; reduction of expenses and increased revenues; and improved clinical performance to help gain payer recognition for quality outcomes. Attendees learn the seven steps to creating a med sync process that will help them transition to an appointment-based model. In addition to providing stores time-saving tips through an implementation playbook, attendees receive practical examples of how other owners and their pharmacy teams overcame barriers of implementing med sync.

Health Mart has invested heavily to help pharmacies with the development of the online Health Mart University Learning Experience and Med Sync Playbook. The learning experience provides an online road map to connect pharmacies to resources and trainings from Health Mart to help them successfully implement and maximize med sync in their pharmacy.

Health Mart has also created physician-facing fax templates, patient-facing marketing materials and the SimpleSync brand to help pharmacies advertise their new med sync service.


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