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Healthcare Bluebook and Scripta Insights partner

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BOSTON — Healthcare Bluebook and Scripta Insights announced a partnership to offer self-insured employers, health care providers and payers the ultimate member out-of-pocket cost containment solution. Bluebook added Bluebook Rx, powered by Scripta, to its suite of cost containment products this September, giving clients an unprecedented one-stop shop for quality medical and pharmacy savings in a single platform.

Bluebook Rx is a member savings benefit that provides patients and their doctors with the critical missing pricing information that’s needed to be a better prescription shopper. Using Scripta’s exclusive drug savings database and savings strategies, Bluebook Rx reviews a member’s current prescription medications, identifies utilization of overpriced medications, and recommends comparable alternatives in place of high-cost drugs based on pricing on their insurance plan.

“At Bluebook, we’re always looking for the best solutions to provide transparency, cost-savings and the utmost quality care for patients,” said Scott Paddock, CEO, Healthcare Bluebook. “We searched for the right partner to match our credibility and expertise in medical cost containment on the pharmacy side who can also deliver the meaningful savings our clients have come to expect. We’ve found that partner in Scripta Insights and are excited to continue to introduce our clients and members to Bluebook Rx this fall.”

Powered by Scripta, Bluebook Rx guides members to better value prescription medications and makes it easy for them to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year—with low-friction for plans, low-disruption for members and immediate realized savings for all. Personalized Savings Reports are proactively sent to members with savings opportunities, listing lower-priced drug options to discuss with their doctors, along with information as to why each prescription switch is clinically equivalent and easy next steps on how to save (if their doctor agrees).

“We are excited to align ourselves with Healthcare Bluebook, a company that shares our obsession with lowering out-of-pocket healthcare costs for Americans, while simultaneously improving outcomes,” said Eric Levin, CEO, Scripta Insights. “By joining together in this partnership, we are bringing to market the most advanced solution for healthcare consumerism ever developed and taking a huge step forward in Scripta’s quest to help all Americans get The Right Meds at The Best Price.”

For more than a decade, Healthcare Bluebook has helped nearly seven million Americans and saved its customers nearly a quarter billion dollars in medical costs. Meanwhile, Scripta has been saving plans, and members, tens of millions of dollars in wasted pharmacy spend.

Bluebook Rx savings reports may come via mail and are accessible anytime, 24/7, through a secure online member portal. Bluebook Rx continuously monitors actual spending for new opportunities to save. A Bluebook Rx Concierge is available to support members, doctors and pharmacists in their prescription drug change decisions.

Emerson Industry Day 2023

Emerson Industry Day 2023

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