Lupin 2024 reaps benefits of Innovation’s high-volume mail order pharmacy automation

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FLORENCE, Ky. — Six months after replacing after replacing prior automation with Innovation’s PharmASSIST high-volume Quick Start prescription fulfillment system, mail order pharmacy is touting dramatic improvements in operational efficiency. purchased its Quick Start system in the fall of 2017.

“We’ve reinvented our prescription production by moving to a fully automated and scalable set of advanced technologies that has enabled us to add volume and increase our overall through-put without adding staff,” said Joseph Peters, president and CEO of “By eliminating high-touch manual processes, our filling accuracy rates are the highest we’ve ever experienced and we’ve reduced our cost to fill prescriptions by over 10%, enabling us to continually increase our EBITDA.”

Innovation’s PharmASSIST RDS robotic dispensing technology, fully outfitted with Model 4 dispensers, highlights’s custom Quick Start system. The dispensers all count simultaneously and self-calibrate the dispensing of new medications. PharmASSIST Symphony for High Volume drives the entire high-volume workflow and production from order intake through filling, packaging, and shipping.

“As important as our improved production, we’ve paid special attention to our customer service and patient services. We’ve reallocated various resources from our production environment to address more patient-centered tasks including counseling, acquisition and retention, and adherence. And, we’re doing all of this while reducing our operational hours from a 12-hour to a 9-hour day,” said Peters.

“ is a true success story. They have a vision and are committed to achieving it. We’re pleased to be their strategic business partner and help them move forward with realizing their goals,“ said Steve Donohue, divisional vice president of sales, chain and high volume for Innovation.


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