Hello Products launches Hello Friendly Dental Pass

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MONTCLAIR, N.J.— Hello Products has launched its highly-anticipated Hello Friendly Dental Pass – a new program dedicated to helping consumers save money at the dentist.

Research has shown that there are many links between oral health and overall health. During these challenging times, it’s crucial to take the right steps to maintain a healthy mouth, including the use of effective oral care products and seeing a dental professional regularly. With hello’s new dental pass, an individual or a family can save 20-50% on most visits to a participating dentist in network. With just a few clicks, an individual can purchase a 30-Day dental discount plan for as little as $20.00 and receive savings across one of the largest networks of dental professionals across the US.

“Hello’s mission is to create the most naturally friendly, effective, irresistible personal care products as possible, in the friendliest way possible,” said Craig Dubitsky, founder at hello products and chief innovation strategist at Colgate-Palmolive Company. “We believe the notion of friendly should extend to dentist visits, too, which is why we teamed with the folks at Careington, a leader in the Discount Plan Organization (DPO) market, to create the hello friendly dental pass. We’re excited to give our brushers something else to really smile about.”

According to a study commissioned by hello products, 62% of American adults are too afraid to visit the dentist, with millennials more likely to be afraid of the dentist than any other age group.  While many brushers avoid the dentist because they fear it’ll be too expensive, hello’s new friendly dental pass is ideal for individuals and families looking for basic dental exams and preventative services at affordable rates. From routine cleanings, x-rays, and basic care, to cosmetic procedures such as braces and teeth whitening, the hello friendly dental discount plan is the easy and stress-free way for everyone to save on the dental care they need, when and how they need it.

“The Hello Friendly Dental Pass was created for everybody, with the goal of making prices more transparent so that brushers know exactly what they’ll pay before the treatment,” said Lauri Kien Kotcher, CEO of hello products. “Friendliness and simplicity go hand in hand, so we’ve done our best to make sure the Hello Friendly Dental Pass is simple to access, affordable, and a positive experience for all.”

The steps are easy. First, score a 30-Day or Annual Pass at www.hellodentalpass.com, find a participating dentist in your area, and then receive discounted, pre-negotiated prices on dental services. Once registered, brushers can search from over 80,000 dentists, then call to make an appointment as usual. Simply show your pass (in hard copy, or via your mobile phone), and pay the pre-negotiated discounted rate at the end of your visit. Since this isn’t insurance, there are no other deductibles or fees, no bills on the way or claims to be made. Users can expect a savings of 20-50% off the average dental care in their area. The pass can also be used for people without insurance, or those with insurance who have already hit their annual maximum.

“Hello’s new Friendly Dental Pass will make quality dental care more accessible and affordable to people that may work for a company that doesn’t offer traditional dental insurance, or they may work as independent contractors, making it difficult or expensive to have a dental plan that makes sense,” noted Dr. Anna Melissa Concepcion at Concept Dental.

The 30-Day Pass is perfect for those who need a quick one-time service, like a check-up, a cleaning, or a cavity filled, while the Annual Pass provides savings for a whole year and has a larger network of dentists and offers a couple or family rate. Once enrolled via the simple sign-up process on hellodentalpass.com, access to savings are immediate through a personalized, printer-ready hello friendly dental pass, or by presenting a screenshot of the digital card directly from a phone.

“Careington is very excited to partner with Hello Products to provide the Hello Friendly Dental Pass program for their many customers throughout the nation,” said Greg Rudisill, senior vice president of Strategic Partnerships at Careington International Corporation. “The dental pass program was designed to help individuals and families save money on their dental care so they can access more affordable treatment. Hello Products is already providing their customers with the essential dental care products they need to keep their mouths healthy, and the dental pass program will provide another valuable resource.”

Prices: $20 for 30-Day Pass; starting at $99, plus a one-time, non-refundable $20 processing fee, for the Annual Pass.

Visit www.hellodentalpass.com to sign up now or call 844-HELLOPASS. Available nationwide except for folks in VermontUtah, and Washington.


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