ImagineSoftware launches ImagineEveryware, a new digital patient payment solution

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Technology Partners, LLC (dba ImagineSoftware), a leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications, announced the launch of ImagineEveryware, a solution designed to expand the way its customers and partners capture payments from patients. ImagineEveryware, will expand on ImagineEngagement’s already robust patient collection capabilities to also allow patients to pay their bill via text or email.

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The solution will be free for customers who use ImagineEveryware within the ImagineEngagement product set and will provide unlimited text and email statements.

“Customers have experienced enormous success with our multi-channel electronic outreach to settle patient bills,” said Sam Khashman, CEO of ImagineSoftware. “Results from implemented customers ranged from 25% to more than 100% more patient payments and a multiple of that in AR reduction. Best of all, while the incoming payment volume is rising dramatically, Imagine’s fully integrated platform posts the payments automatically without the need for manual intervention saving time and effort while increasing practice income.”

Healthcare organizations have never been more focused on maximizing patient collections, but they are simultaneously balancing the need to provide an exceptional patient experience. ImagineEveryware expands the outreach points that an organization can use to not only communicate with patients but also collect from patients. The solution capitalizes on a digital first approach that many patients are looking for.

“Since the beginning of our company, it has been our goal to use technology to simplify the lives of our customers to help them get paid faster and easier while providing an excellent patient experience,” Khashman continued. ImagineEveryware extends that commitment. Not only do we believe the technology will enhance the overall experience for the patient, but it will also reduce the cost that providers pay to collect. There will be no charge for the solution provided through our Engagement product suite.”

Everyware, the innovative leader in electronic communications designed the system for Imagine exclusively to deliver this solution. “The partnership between Imagine and Everyware is the perfect match of organizations that believe billing solutions should be simple and should provide a great experience to the end customer and their customers,” said Larry Talley, founder and CEO of Everyware.” We believe this solution in healthcare is so important because these aren’t just customers, they are patients and it’s our job to ensure they have the best possible experience.”


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