Independent specialty pharmacies develop turnkey solution

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Turning Point, a newly-launched distribution model made up of eight leading specialty pharmacies across the nation, announced it will begin working with drug manufacturers and payers on behalf of its member pharmacies.

“Turning Point it simplifies contracting and data collection as manufacturers and payers can partner with a single entity and gain access to all of these top-performing pharmacies,”  Kyle Truitt, executive director of Turning Point said in a statement. “This model offers coverage across all 50 states and provides access to 96% of all limited distribution drugs (specialty medications distributed through only a select group of pharmacies). Its member pharmacies have been carefully vetted for their performance across multiple areas including clinical programs, patient satisfaction rates, accreditation, data quality, 24/7 support, and other key metrics.”

Member pharmacies include: Amber Pharmacy, Avella Specialty Pharmacy and Maxor Pharmacies.

Manufacturers providing specialty drugs often opt to launch their drugs in a limited distribution network. Selection of this network by the manufacturer can be complex and time consuming, as it requires a lengthy evaluation of service capabilities, commitment to quality, and technological competencies across each pharmacy being considered.

However, the complexity and work involved in managing multiple pharmacies has led to dissatisfaction by many manufacturers. According to one recent survey, more than 40 percent of manufacturers see room for improvement in the way its network pharmacies deliver on metrics like data services, customer service, and time to fill.

Payers, who use specialty pharmacy networks to give members access to specialty drugs, also spend considerable time and effort in managing these pharmacies and collecting data from across the network. Further, recent market developments have the largest PBMs, and their respective specialty pharmacies, aligning with single insurers.

Turning Point was developed to address all of these issues, and to align with the interests of manufacturers and payers – namely to provide an independent, alternative specialty pharmacy distribution channel that provides optimal patient care and ensures the best possible health outcomes.

“This new distribution model is unlike anything that exists in the industry today,” said Truitt. “Turning Point is more than a group purchasing organization. We are a group of top-performing, independent pharmacies with like-minded leadership committed to providing knowledgeable clinical support, actionable data insights, and premier service to patients and referral providers, as well as the pharmaceutical manufacturers and payer partners we serve.”



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