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ROCHESTER, N.Y.— AshHEALTH, LLC. a Rochester, New York, Healthcare Advisory and Market Development Firm announced this week  that it has inked a deal to represent InfinityRx, a cutting-edge New York based company that developed a progressive, efficient, and cost-effective patient affordability platform for Patient Service Programs (PSP). AshHEALTH will assume the InfinityRx go-to-market, commercialization, and capitol venture strategy.

InfinityRx recently launched its proprietary PSP platform in addressing some of the most important dynamics impacting copay assistance programs and exceeding expectations for market access for its clients. Co-founded by two veteran New York pharmacists, the company boasts a cloud-based platform that offers a unique and easy-to-administer digital method for brand pharmaceutical drug manufacturers to buy-down expensive prescription medication.

Ashton Maaraba

The InfinityRx platform delivers a flexible, mobile, and innovative rules engine that electronically drives a targeted price discount or copay assistance to high-cost medications at the POS retail level and all sites of care for treatment. A manufacturer can customize its target price and program benefits directly into the InfinityRx signature proprietary platform and make changes that become effective and fully operational for patients to experience the benefit in real-time, under 24-hours versus historical platforms that can take up to thirty days to deploy.

The company’s platform is a necessary tool that enables prescription drug manufacturers the ability to help patients avoid prescription drug abandonment, and to reduce medication non-adherence which for years has been reported as a nationwide pandemic.

AshHEALTH, LLC. applies a stringent rubric to qualifying the companies it selects to represent. According to its founder, a successful healthcare industry executive with nearly twenty-five years of industry experience dedicated to building and managing successful startups, AshHEALTH undergoes a strict analysis and review of each company it chooses to adopt into its diverse client portfolio.

Ashton Maaraba, founder and CEO, AshHEALTH states, “A company must pass three factors. First, the management team and founders need to reflect competence and passion. Second, a marketable product is essential and must reveal an identity. Third, the product and service model are engineered to support a niche market while proving innovative and inventive to its buyer.” Maaraba further explains, “InfinityRx checked off all the boxes and leads its portfolio as an exemplary next-generation startup for Patient Copay Assistance and Claims Processing platforms.”

Greg Savino, PharmD. and CEO at InfinityRx mentions, “InfinityRx was founded with the mind-set that change and innovation in this product field is essential. Patients rely on timely subsidies and manufacturers deserve a new solution that is robust and flexible to suit their needs. Our team of pharmacy experts, software engineers and architects witnessed first-hand the shortcomings of the technology and solutions provided by traditional patient service programs. They are inflexible and inefficient, and this impacts pharma’s ability to support patient needs in a timely and cost-effective fashion. The InfinityRx patent approved technology and its advanced solutions solve this problem. AshHEALTH has a proven-track record and provides us deep insight, industry knowledge and important connections that we find advantageous and beneficial to our company’s comprehensive mission.”


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