Intellinetix announced as sponsor of Ragnar Relay

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BOSTON — Brownmed has announced a partnership between Intellinetix and the Ragnar Relay Series, the largest running relay series in the world. Together they hope to encourage participants to push their limits as part of Ragnar’s active, fun-loving community.

Intellinetix offers products that keep people of all ages aactive.

Intellinetix is a revolutionary pain management and recovery system that harnesses the proven power of vibration therapy to stimulate muscles and ligaments and reduce pain and inflammation in aching joints. Intellinetix vibration therapy is great for fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. It can be used both before and after workout to increase flexibility and circulation and to reduce muscle soreness.

The Intellinetix Universal Wrap will be available in the Recovery Zone at all 40 Ragner Relay races throughout the U.S. starting in 2020. The Intellinetix Universal Wrap is designed for maximum fit and secure placement anywhere on the body making it an ideal recovery tool in between relay legs or post-race.

“Each Ragner Relay event is extremely demanding and filled with numerous challenges,” says Kylia Garver, president of Brownmed. “Working as a team to push through those barriers, past your physical limits to achieve a goal is something we found inspiring. We believe our Intellinetix line of wearable vibration therapy products can be part of Ragnarians overall health goals as they push themselves through these incredible events.”

Ragnar Relay began with a single relay race in 2004 and has grown into the largest overnight relay series in the world. With four separate race formats (Road, Trail, Sprint, and Sunset), Ragnar events attract runners of all ability levels through their unique blend of athletic challenge, energetic atmosphere, and camaraderie among teams.

“As a brand focused on innovation, we are proud to partner with Intellinetix, who is changing the way runners warm-up and recover during endurance events,” says Ragnar CEO, Tanner Bell. “We cannot wait for Ragnarians across the country to try their products on our courses.”

For more info go to www.intellinetixvibration.com.



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