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Irish company develops cloud-based app aimed to accelerate global COVID-19 vaccination process

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SEATTLE – Recognizing the frustration people have over the logistical challenges related to obtaining the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine, Pharmapod, a leading global learning health system provider, has stepped up to help streamline the rollout. Pharmapod has developed the Clinical Services app cloud-based solution to simplify every step of the vaccine rollout resulting in faster uptake of shots in arms and broader community protection.

Pharmapod is a professionally-led solution, designed by pharmacists for pharmacists. It is the software of choice for over 60% of all pharmacies in Canada and has now expanded into the United States market through partnerships with leading pharmacies. Pharmapod’s Clinical Service app maximizes uptake of the vaccine by helping vaccinators to manage mass bookings and connect with patients through a digital solution. It makes the rollout process faster and more efficient, reducing the contact time between patient and vaccinator through pre-eligibility screening. The app allows administrators to set-up vaccination locations, input the available stations in each location and the available time slots for each station. This online booking system reduces the incidence of patients accidentally missing appointments and helps predict vaccine inventory levels. The system allows administrators to modify eligibility criteria to coordinate the prioritization of high-risk groups first and then assign specific users different levels of access within the app based on their eligibility criteria.

“People across the globe are anxiously awaiting access to the vaccines,” said Leonora O’Brien, Pharmapod’s founder. “Our Clinical Service app was developed by pharmacists who have experience on the frontline of this pandemic and they recognize the current logistical challenges and inefficiencies. This system is designed with those factors in mind to help maximize rollout efficiency while minimizing distribution complexity. The app is designed for healthcare professionals to make each step clear, easy and fast in an effort to get as many shots in arms as quickly, safely and painlessly as possible.”

For patients, Pharmapod’s Clinical Service app drives vaccine uptake by making it easy to book an appointment online and ensures compliance by providing a schedule of to-dos to get patients through the entire process, sending important appointment reminder notifications and storing patient records for future use. On the app, patients can also fill out their eligibility criteria and alert the administering organization of any critical data, such as reports of vaccine side-effects.

Pharmapod works with Enterprise Ireland, Ireland’s trade and innovation agency, who partners with Irish enterprise companies to help them start, grow, and win export sales in global markets. Enterprise Ireland works with the team at Pharmapod as they continue to innovate to provide best-in-class, critical technology solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, especially during this challenging time.

“Pharmapod’s platform not only allows healthcare professionals to improve how they manage their service but also greatly improves the safety for patients,” says Jack Callaghan, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Ireland. “In a time of such a need for a speedy, efficient vaccine rollout, it is inspiring to see Pharmapod working hard to help people on a global scale. The company has gained impressive momentum over the years in the pharmaceutical industry, and now, when we need the technology more than ever, it has stepped up to provide the critical solutions that the industry needs to get through this crisis.”

Pharmapod is the leading cloud-based, medication incident management, and business intelligence tool, specializing in pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and long-term care facilities. The Clinical Service solution has already become available across Canada and is being rolled out in the U.S. over the coming months.

Enterprise Ireland reports that employment by Irish businesses in the United States is at over 110,000 and foreign direct investment from Ireland into the United States economy is at $225.5 billion* — ranking Ireland in the top nine investment sources to the U.S. The strong performance of Irish businesses in the U.S. was underpinned by resilience and preparedness that began with the 2016 Brexit referendum and also by Ireland’s considerable strengths in life science and construction, agritech, smart energy, smart city and digital technology wherein Irish firms supported U.S. government and business roll-out of COVID-19 protocols and programs. Ireland is ranked 5th in the world for exports of COVID-19 related goods and 6th in the global market of countries responding best in terms of innovation to the pandemic.

Enterprise Ireland is one of Europe’s leading venture capitalists: the agency is ranked first both in Europe and globally for active seed investments, according to PitchBook. Enterprise Ireland operates from New York, Boston, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco. In addition to funding support, Enterprise Ireland also provides services including export assistance and assistance with research and development, as well as a broad network of key global industry-specific contacts.

More than 110,00 people are employed by almost 900 Irish-owned companies with Enterprise Ireland representing 700 of these companies in the United States. These Irish-owned companies operate across all 50 states and proudly represent a broad range of industries including construction, education, energy, environmental engineering, medical devices and software.



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