Jean Coutu pharmacies launch travel health services

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VARENNES, Quebec — Jean Coutu Group and its affiliated pharmacist-owners have rolled out travel health services.

The Quebec-based drug chain said the services include immunizations, prescriptions for certain conditions and pharmacist consultations to assist customers with travel preparations.

Jean Coutu travel health website

Jean Coutu’s travel health website

At more than 190 Jean Coutu pharmacies across Quebec, customers can meet with a nurse who can assess their travel needs and administer the necessary vaccines on-site before departure.

Pharmacists also can prescribe medications to treat travelers’ diarrhea and to prevent malaria and acute mountain sickness.

These services, in which a pharmacist is prescribing a medication when no diagnosis is required, stem from the 2015 enactment of Bill 41, which amended Quebec’s Pharmacy Act to enable pharmacists to provide certain health care services previously performed only by doctors.

In addition, pharmacists can advise travelers on measures and precautions to take, based on their destination, as well as on the medications to bring, how to use them and how to store them.

Jean Coutu also has launched a new travel health page on its website and developed a travel checklist to help customers remember key items to bring along, such as first aid supplies, personal care products, over-the-counter and prescription medications, important documents, and other travel-related items.

“Many people travel this time of the year. That’s why it’s important to offer them accessible services to plan their vacation,” Richard Mayrand, executive vice president of pharmacy and government affairs at Jean Coutu Group, said in a statement.

Jean Coutu Group’s retail network encompasses 418 franchised stores under the banners PJC Jean Coutu, PJC Clinique, PJC Santé and PJC Santé Beauté in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario.


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