Kinney Drugs now accepting OTC Network payments

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GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. – Kinney Drugs is now part of the OTC Network. Certain health plans offer restricted-spend wellness programs powered by the OTC Network. Most participating plans are Medicare or Medicaid plans (as illustrated by the chart below). These plans provide OTC Network payment cards and/or digital barcodes to their members for the purchase of a wide array of retail products.

The cards are preloaded with a predetermined dollar amount (which varies by plan) and the funds can only be used to purchase eligible items. More than 1.4 million products are eligible for purchase, including over-the-counter medicines, health & wellness products, and (in some cases) healthy foods. Product eligibility varies by health plan. Customers do not need to get prescriptions filled by Kinney Drugs to use their OTC Network benefits.

If consumers are unsure if their health plan participates in the OTC Network, they can refer to their provider or their health benefits card. Card designs vary by plan and program, but all cards will contain one of the following brand marks, which will be located on the bottom right side of the front or back of the card as shown in the examples below:
The OTC Network also offers a mobile application that allows uses to check their account balances and quickly scan items in-store to determine if they are eligible for payment via the OTC Network. Additional information about the OTC Network can be found at www.kinneydrugs.com/pharmacy/insurance-information.

“We are very excited that Kinney is now participating in the OTC Network, as it provides a valuable benefit to thousands of patients in dozens of plans,” said John Marraffa, president of Kinney Drugs.


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