Kinney Drugs offering COVID-19 vaccinations for kids ages 3-4

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GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. – Kinney Drugs has opened COVID-19 vaccination appointments for ages three and four per CDC recommendations in the select Kinney pharmacies.

“As a pharmacist and president of Kinney Drugs, I am glad that we are able to vaccinate our pediatric population,” said John Marraffa, president of Kinney Drugs. “Our Kinney pharmacists are committed and determined to help our communities end this pandemic and I am confident that our teams will create a positive experience for children and their parents or caregivers.”

He said that Kinney pharmacists know that in general, children tend to need more care when receiving shots than adults do. He added that it can be a bit scary for them. Kinney’s goal is to make pediatric vaccination appointments as easy and pleasant as possible for both children and their parents and caregivers by offering:

• Family appointments: Parents can schedule a single appointment for two children at once.
• Dedicated, longer appointment times to ensure that children have time to adjust and feel more comfortable.
• Free, optional “Buzzy the Vaccine Bee” experience – Buzzy is a bee-shaped device that applies vibration and cold to numb the area and helps take the sting out of the shot.
• Distraction activities and a small post-shot treat.

“And as always, patient safety is most important. Kinney pharmacists employ a system of specialized checks and balances to ensure that patients receive the right vaccine at the right time. Appointments are now open but are limited as vaccines are in high demand.”

To schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment for ages 3-4 in New York:

To schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment for ages 3-4 in Vermont:


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