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Kinney honors top pharmacist

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GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. — Kinney Drugs has named Tracey Rossi as the chain’s Favorite Pharmacist of the Year for 2013.

Rossi was selected based on customer votes at all Kinney pharmacies in Vermont and central and northern New York.

“Tracey is a kind, caring, compassionate individual,” says Jim Spencer, president of Kinney. “The relationship she has with her patients and the care she provides them are her highest priorities. We truly appreciate Tracey’s nearly 30 years of service as a health care professional at Kinney Drugs.”

The award was created as part of the company’s observance of National Pharmacist Month last October. The program was designed to recognize all Kinney pharmacists for their contribution to fostering positive patient health outcomes and their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.


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