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Kroger Health announces continued inclusion in Centene’s Pharmacy Network

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CINCINNATI —  Kroger Health announced today that it will continue to be part of Centene Corporation’s pharmacy network to provide patients with more opportunities to save on their important prescriptions. This will allow continued access for approximately 700,000 Centene members to Kroger Family of Pharmacies in 2024.

“Collaborating with Centene to cultivate this arrangement demonstrates Kroger Health’s commitment to thinking differently to ensure we continue to provide high-quality healthcare to the patients we serve,” said Colleen Lindholz, president of Kroger Health. “Because our patients are at the center of everything we do, we are dedicated to finding the best solutions that result in a continuity of care they can rely on.”

While the Kroger Family of Pharmacies is not currently in Express Scripts’ pharmacy network(s) for 2024, Kroger will remain in the pharmacy network for all Centene lines of business, including Medicaid, Medicare and the health insurance marketplace, allowing members of Centene’s health plans and products to continue to have access to the Kroger Family of Pharmacies as an in-network pharmacy provider.

In addition, individuals may continue to fill prescriptions at Kroger Family of Pharmacies through options including joining the Kroger Health Savings Club, using a third-party discount card or manufacturer coupon when eligible to purchase a drug, or paying the retail cash price.


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