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Latest Speed Sticks provide stain defense

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NEW YORK — Colgate-Palmolive has rolled out Speed Stick Stainguard and Lady Speed Stick Stainguard antiperspirant deodorants, which feature Stain Defense technology.

The company said Thursday that the "breakthrough" line of antiperspirant deodorants, now available at retailers nationwide, is formulated to help fight yellow stains and residue on clothes while providing the same 24-hour odor and wetness protection as Speed Stick and Lady Speed Stick products.

According to Colgate-Palmolive, many factors impact yellow staining, including the combination of sweat and antiperspirant ingredients that can create yellow stains. But the patent-pending Stain Defense technology keeps more of the antiperspirant on a person’s skin, helping to fight the appearance of yellow stains and white residue, explained Marie Johansson of Personal Care Product Development, Global Research & Development, at Colgate-Palmolive.

"In a recent study, consumers said that yellow armpit stains continue to be an issue for them," Philip Durocher, general manager of U.S. Personal Care at Colgate-Palmolive, said in a statement. "Our exciting new Stainguard line is specifically formulated to help with the yellow armpit staining issue that men and women face and provides a unique way to address one of the largest unmet consumer needs in the category."

As part of the launch, Speed Stick has partnered with Hanes in a promotion in which special packs of Hanes Underwear T-shirts at selected retailers will, for a limited time, include a free trial of Speed Stick Stainguard. Together, Hanes and Speed Stick are encouraging consumers to "Start Fresh" with new Hanes Underwear T-shirts and Speed Stick Stainguard, Colgate-Palmolive said.


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