Leading Edge names Dr. Holsworth as CSO to head up clinical CBD research

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HENDERSON, Nev. – Leading Edge Pharms (LEP) a biotechnology company developing novel cannabinoid therapies and innovative delivery systems, announced Tuesday that Dr. Daniel Holsworth has been appointed chief science officer (CSO).

Dr. Daniel Holsworth

Dr. Holsworth’s appointment signals LEP’s further commitment to providing clinically supported CBD-based solutions for topical pain relief and inflammatory skin conditions.

“One of our key differentiators has always been a commitment to clinical thoroughness, even as many CBD products are being rushed to market to capitalize on a new trend,” said David Chadwick, chief executive officer of LEP. “Dan has been an important part of the LEP team for two years as a consultant and was instrumental in the development of Silvidiol, our liposomal CBD compound and delivery system. Now, as CSO, Dan will lead our research and development efforts and be directly responsible for the formulation of many exciting new products LEP will be releasing in 2019. We look forward to working closely together to advance the scientific work being done within the cannabis industry.”

Dr. Holsworth joins the company with 25 years of experience as a drug discovery and development expert, entrepreneur and regulatory affairs professional.  He has extensive experience in treating inflammatory skin conditions. During his tenure with CA Botana International, Dr. Holsworth formulated therapeutic skin care products employing stem cell development pathway biology and peptide chemistry. He holds 25 patents for his discoveries.

“Pharmaceuticals addressing pain often have unfortunate side effects and can even be addictive. Additionally, these drugs unnecessarily impact the entire body, rather than targeting specific pain sites. CBD is a natural pain reliever and can be used effectively to target peripheral neuropathic pain at the nerve level where pain occurs,” explained Dr. Holsworth. “Our vision at LEP is to bring CBD treatments into mainstream clinical practice as a first step in pain management. There are other natural and effective solutions available, and patients should be aware of their options.”

Previously, Dr. Holsworth was an associate research fellow medicinal chemist at Pfizer, cofounder and Head of Chemistry at ODIN Therapeutics AS and Technical Advisor for CA Botana International.


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