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Leading Edge Pharms adds new pain relief ointment to Cannavera line

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HENDERSON, Nev. — Leading Edge Pharms, a biotechnology company developing novel cannabinoid therapies and innovative delivery systems, announced the launch of a new pain relief ointment in their existing Cannavera product line of topical pain relief creams, sprays and oils.

The new pain relief ointment is strengthened with nano-encapsulated Silvidiol, a patent-pending proprietary compound of liposomal hemp and emerald aloe vera, making it ideal for symptomatic relief from acute and chronic periods of mild to moderate muscle, joint and nerve pain and symptomatic relief from the burning and itching caused by many inflammatory skin conditions.

“Our new topical pain relief ointment provides another application option for our proven THC-free pain management treatments. While many CBD-based ointments are reaching the market, our Silvidiol Liposome, which forms the basis of our Cannavera products, has been proven as an effective delivery method able to permeate the skin to reach pain receptors and alleviate aches caused by injury or inflammation,” said David Chadwick, chief executive officer of Leading Edge Pharms. “We continue to pursue our goal of providing natural, safe and effective cannabinoid therapies through innovative delivery systems, answering a real market need for opioid-alternatives for pain relief.”

Responding to consumer requests, Leading Edge Pharms has also released smaller sizes of its existing Cannavera cream and spray. The easy-to-apply products will now be available in 1 oz/30 ml sized containers, providing portable pain relief solutions at a lower-cost.


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