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Level Select expands product portfolio with plant-based pain relief brand

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PHOENIX — Level Select announced the launch of its plant-based pain relief brand, Level Select OTC. The plant-based product line marks the latest step towards diversifying the Level Select brand portfolio and answering increased consumer demand for holistic alternatives to synthetic products. Level Select OTC is now available at CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide, Amazon and

Level Select OTC is a breakthrough innovation in plant-based wellness and features natural menthol and camphor for fast pain relief. These plant-based ingredients effectively address common forms of discomfort, such as muscle soreness, joint pain, backaches, and other minor aches and pains, which in turn, can help you perform at your best and push your limits. Along with menthol and camphor, Level Select OTC products contain other beneficial plant-based ingredients like MSM, Comfrey, horse chestnut, and more. The product range includes Muscle Rub Lotion, Sports Therapy Cream, Sport Recovery Soaking Salts, Massaging Roll-On Gel, and Extended Relief Patches.

As demand for natural and holistic wellness solutions continues to rise, Level Select OTC is poised to set a new standard in the market. Formulated by a team of seasoned experts, this innovative brand meets the increasing demand for plant-based wellness options that are safe and effective for daily use. Backed by professional athletes including 3-time NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback Carson Palmer, 5-time PGA Pro Tour Champion Rickie Fowler, 10-time MLB All-Star Steve Garvey, and more, LEVEL SELECT OTC is quickly becoming the leading choice amongst high-performing and active individuals. With transparency and daily health becoming a top priority for millennial consumers, Level Select OTC is well-positioned to capture the market’s fastest-growing segment.

“We’re thrilled to launch our new plant-based pain relief brand, which reflects our commitment to diversifying our brand portfolio and meeting the increased demand for natural wellness solutions,” said Mike Bell, CMO of Healist Naturals. “We saw an untapped category in pain relief and wanted to offer consumers a better alternative. Pain and soreness are natural responses to exercise and high-intensity activity, and we believe the answer to minimizing those reactions should be natural as well. The success of our flagship Level Select lineup and the growing demand for plant-based options has driven our expansion into this new category. We’re confident that Level Select OTC will set a new standard in the market for safe, effective, and holistic wellness solutions that support the body’s natural healing processes and believe consumers everywhere should have access to holistic wellness.”

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