LifeScan launches OneTouch Solutions

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MALVERN, Pa. —  LifeScan announced Monday the roll out of OneTouch Solutions, an eCommerce site offering a comprehensive and convenient choice of personalized wellness programs to help people not just manage diabetes, but thrive. OneTouch Solutions is available now to consumers in the US, and will soon be offered to healthcare providers, payors, and employers as a reimbursed adjudicated option in early 2022.

“Managing diabetes today is complex and burdensome for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers. People require knowledge and skills to implement self-care and healthy lifestyle behaviors along with regular self-monitoring to assess, with their healthcare providers, management, personalized care and progression of therapy,” said Hope Warshaw, a diabetes care provider and owner Hope Warshaw Associates, a diabetes-focused consultancy. “Proven digital tools and technologies can offer the critical support people need and ease the burdens of diabetes management for both the person with diabetes and their healthcare providers,” added Warshaw.

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health challenges of the 21st century. The number of adults living with diabetes has more than tripled over the past 20 years with nearly half a billion people worldwide, a number expected to continue growing at a high rate with a projected 51% increase by 20451. Much of this increase in prevalence over the last few decades has been driven by an upsurge in type 2 diabetes and key risk factors including rising levels of obesity, unhealthy diets, and widespread lack of physical activity.

“LifeScan has a 40-year history supporting people living with diabetes and along the way we’ve learned it is a very personal journey, with still unsolved challenges associated with this multifaceted health condition. With a responsibility to not only envision a world without limits, but to also empower it, we have created a way for people to access a customized and personalized experience with our trusted OneTouch brand, anytime and anywhere, all in one convenient portal,” said Val Asbury, LifeScan president and chief executive officer. “Our collaborations with other industry leaders power this new health solution, giving us the opportunity to offer much needed, holistic digital health tools to the millions of people who count on OneTouch products every day,” Asbury added.

“We created OneTouch Solutions based on deep consumer understanding and clinical insights, and we are focused on meeting people where they are in the journey with diabetes,” said Lisa Rose, LifeScan Global SVP and Chief Marketing Officer. “With OneTouch Solutions, people get the tools and motivation that millions of people have already successfully used to improve their overall health and wellness, so it’s easier to manage their diabetes. This launch is the first step in our ultimate goal of creating a holistic digital wellness exchange that learns from consumers and grows with them to deliver personalized and actionable insights that fit into their everyday lives,” said Rose.

“Successfully managing diabetes often includes close monitoring of a variety of separate but related factors – blood sugar, diet, sleep, exercise, insulin and more – and this can be challenging for people living with diabetes around the world,” said Brian Heald, Head of R&D and Product Development “Siloed information sources across the clinical and wellness continuum can create disconnects and there is a need for technology to converge health and wellness data and provide integrated and individualized solutions. There is no clear roadmap for diabetes management, as each person’s body reacts to stimuli differently, so it’s a test-and-learn process and one that must be personalized.”


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