LifeScan service finds low co-pays for diabetes test strips

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CHESTERBROOK, Pa. — LifeScan Inc. has introduced KnowMyCoPay, a website and toll-free telephone service that shows the lowest co-payments for diabetes test strips.

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KnowMyCoPay gives co-pays for diabetes test strips across major brands based on patients’ individual health plans.

LifeScan said Thursday that the free service is designed to help patients and health care professionals navigate complex insurance plans. It can be accessed via phone at (844) 807-8936 on Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. ET to 5 p.m. PT.

Low-priced co-pays are given for diabetes test strips across major brands based on each patient’s individual health plan, according to LifeScan, the maker of OneTouch blood glucose monitoring systems.

KnowMyCoPay provides two tiers of information based on the data provided by the user. In the first tier, patients and health providers can find out which products are “preferred” by the patient’s health plan by entering their type of coverage and plan name. The second tier enables patients and providers to review the actual co-pays for the top five brands of test strips by providing additional patient-specific information.

Patients who select OneTouch test strips can submit a prescription request through the retail or mail order pharmacy of their choice. In addition, patients can get a voucher for a OneTouch meter of their choice at no charge that’s redeemable at a pharmacy. Meanwhile, health providers can prescribe OneTouch products directly through and keep records of all prescriptions filled via the electronic prescribing system.

KnowMyCoPay also enables patients to track the remaining deductible before their plan will pay for covered health services and can show patients how to reach deductibles quicker by using preferred brands and maximize their high-deductible plans. A professional portal providing similar services and information to health care providers is also available.

LifeScan noted that by helping patients find the lowest co-pay for their test strips, KnowMyCoPay aims to eliminate one of the obstacles to regular blood sugar testing.

“The health insurance landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and figuring out coverage can be confusing, particularly when managing a chronic condition like diabetes,” stated Jim Miller, a consumer advocate and nationally-syndicated columnist. “KnowMyCoPay is a valuable free service that can assist patients in maximizing their health care coverage by comparing the out-of-pocket costs of the various diabetes test strips available in order to make an educated decision about the products they use.”


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