Lipo-Flavonoid launches “The Sounds of Tinnitus”: A powerful new storytelling campaign

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PHILADELPHIA — Lipo-Flavonoid, the No.1 doctor recommended ear health supplement for ringing in the ears, is breaking the silence on a little-known condition that impacts millions of people across the country. The Sounds of Tinnitus” campaign launches with a four-minute video that shares the sounds and personal struggles of real people suffering from the condition.

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a continued perceived sound where no external source is present. It is often characterized as hissing, roaring, whistling, ringing, whooshing, clicking or chirping, but it can take the form of a vast variety of sounds. Tinnitus affects 50 million Americans; 30 million of those people are impacted by it on a daily basis.

“People who suffer from tinnitus hear sounds that their friends and family don’t hear, so it can be frustrating for them to explain what they’re hearing,” said Dr. Shelley Borgia, Lipo-Flavonoid Chief Audiologist. “That’s why this project is so important, because they finally have something for their loved ones to hear and relate to, and you’ll see in the video that the sounds and their experiences with tinnitus can vary greatly.”

The video features a diverse range of participants sharing their individual experiences with tinnitus, including Rebecca Alexander, Corey G., Rick Lassen and Gary Rafsky.

To bring the sounds of tinnitus to life, the team from Lipo-Flavonoid partnered with three time Emmy Award-winning foley artist Marko Costanzo, who makes and enhances sound effects in television and film. Costanzo, whose decades-long career includes work on some of the most notable projects in the entertainment industry, was tasked with an unprecedented challenge: he worked with each participant to understand what they hear internally and, based solely on their conversation, found a way to recreate those sounds live in the studio.

The campaign comes at a timely moment in pop culture, with the success of the Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Academy Award-winning film “A Star is Born,” in which Cooper’s character suffers from tinnitus. “The connection to the film, while not planned, creates an incredible opportunity for us,” said Jennifer Moyer, vice president of marketing for Clarion Brands, owners of Lipo-Flavonoid. “Having a prominent and relatable connection point helps us talk about this condition to a much broader audience and educate people that ear ringing is in fact a condition that has a name, and a range of treatment options.”

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