London Drugs gets closer to zero waste

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RICHMOND, British Columbia — London Drugs had another record year for waste diversion in 2016.

The 78-store, western Canada drug chain said its continuous sustainability efforts resulted in 92.8% waste diversion totaling 12.5 million pounds  diverted from city landfills across Canada. Each year, these stores come closer to their goal of reaching zero waste.

“We thrive on finding new ways to take care of people and, to us, care starts with the individual and extends to our shared community and the environment,” said Maury McCausland, London Drugs’ retail operations sustainability specialist. “Making recycling accessible to our customers and the responsibility taken among our staff to recycle and divert waste, have been the keys to our success.”

Sustainability and recycling have been at the center of London Drugs’ daily operations for decades. Since the launch of the program in 2008, waste disposal has been tracked at all stores, and the retailer continues to work with vendors and sustainability partners to increase diversion rates.

To support sustainability in the communities it serves, London Drugs provides education and awareness programs, participates in community recycling and creates strategic partnerships to lessen environment impact. For example, as part of its partnership with Quest Food Exchange, London Drugs was able to reduce food waste by donating over 389,000 pounds to support food banks.

Through its partnership with Call2Recycle, London Drugs has now diverted over 300,000 kg of batteries from landfills since 2000.

London Drugs also helps customers shop a little greener in stores. “What’s the Green Deal?” product signs help point out hundreds of products that have environmental benefits — from recycled content to certified organic production.

“Our customers are our greatest ally in the war on waste. We are proud to work with them to collectively reduce our environmental impact,” said McCausland.

Customers can recycle the following items anytime at any London location: electrical and electronic goods (TVs, VCRs, computers, monitors, printers, small appliances, etc.); Styrofoam (recycled through FOAM Only); plastic and cardboard packaging from products purchased at London Drugs; cell phones, PDA and rechargeable batteries (recycled through Call2Recycle); alkaline batteries; compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) and fluorescent light tubes (up to 4 feet); disposable cameras; inkjet and laser printer cartridges; metal film canisters; plastic bags; soda bottles and cans (British Columbia only); and insurance plastic folders.

Electrical and electronic goods are recycled through Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) and e-Cycle. All electronic products are recycled back to their basic components before being shipped.


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