London Drugs program donates life-saving vaccines

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RICHMOND, British Columbia — During its 2016-17 flu season vaccination drive, London Drugs also will be helping to protect children in developing countries from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Through a partnership with I Boost Immunity (IBI), a Canada-based online immunization advocacy network, London Drugs will donate a life-saving vaccine to UNICEF Canada for every flu shot administered at its stores this year.

london-drugs_vaccinationAccording to UNICEF, 19.4 million children didn’t get basic vaccines last year. Almost a third of deaths among children younger than age 5 are can be prevented by vaccines, the relief organization reported.

“By getting the flu shot, you already help protect the most vulnerable people in your own community from potentially life-threatening illness, including the very young, the elderly and the immuno-compromised,” John Tse, vice president of pharmacy at London Drugs, said in a statement. “This partnership with IBI in support of UNICEF Canada allows our customers to make a global impact, providing life-saving vaccinations to children worldwide while taking care of their own health needs.”

For each flu shot administered at London Drugs’ 78 stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, I Boost Immunity will provide a tetanus, polio or measles vaccine to UNICEF Canada to immunize marginalized children at risk of deadly illnesses.

“Our customers have the opportunity to be global change makers simply by protecting themselves and their families against the flu this year,” Tse added.

I Boost Immunity is managed by the Public Health Association of BC and has partnered with ImmunizeBC, a collaboration of the BC Centre for Disease Control, BC Pharmacy Association and regional health authorities that aims to promote immunization as the best protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.

“Partnering with London Drugs is one of the many ways we hope to increase awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated and to improve immunization rates both here in Canada and across the globe,” stated Michael Barnes, executive director of the Public Health Association of BC. “Diseases cross local and national boundaries. That means that vaccinating anyone, anywhere in the world benefits all of us.”

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