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London Drugs unveils get fit program

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Offers incentives for customers who complete activity goals tracked by Apple Watch.

VICTORIA, B.C. London Drugs is on a mission to help people be fit and healthy – and that means finding new ways to support and motivate them to get active.  Now Vancouver Island residents using Apple Watch and iPhone can download the LDExtras Achieve app, which lets users earn up to $369 in LDExtras vouchers over two years simply by completing activity targets tracked by Apple Watch.

Clint Mahlman

“Engaging and empowering our customers to achieve better health is at the core of what we aim to do every day,” said Clint Mahlman, London Drugs president and chief operating officer. “Now we’re offering extra incentive for Islanders to achieve their health goals using Apple Watch. We hope to motivate our customers to get active through this rewards program and help them maintain healthy habits long-term.”

The integrated wellness program, developed in collaboration with Apple, connects the rewards aspect of London Drugs’ LDExtras loyalty program with activity-driven incentives. To participate, customers can download the LDExtras Achieve mobile app on iPhone and use Apple Watch to close their Activity rings for a targeted number of days per month.  Over time, the program goals adapt to participant accomplishments, helping them to become more active and rewarding them with $15 in LDExtras vouchers each month they reach their targets.

“Incentives tied to the achievement of realistic physical activity goals are a significant source of motivation and the extra incentive may be particularly important right now after we’ve all had a prolonged period of homebound lockdowns related to the pandemic,” added Mahlman.

LDExtras Achieve using Apple Watch is the first retailer-driven connected wellness program of its kind in Canada.

Mahlman says, “London Drugs has a long history of firsts and we continue to be leaders in innovating digital healthcare in the pharmacy. “Leveraging the strengths of our Pharmacy team along with Apple Watch, the program offers our customers an exclusive digital health experience that is good for their wellbeing and their wallets.”

To participate and earn the monthly vouchers, Islanders can enroll in the LDExtras program, download the LDExtras Achieve app from the App Store and have their iPhone paired with Apple Watch. London Drugs pharmacy and tech specialists are available to assist in the process and answer any questions customers might have. More information can be found here: ldextrasachieve.londondrugs.com


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