L’Oréal Paris announces new web series

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NEW YORK — In celebration of the launch of L’Oréal Paris’ Magic Root Precision Pen and award-winning line of root solutions, the brand introduces a new campaign that brings to life its values of beauty and diversity, and embodies the iconic phrase, “Because I’m Worth It.”

Launching this week on the brand’s U.S. YouTube channel, the celebrity-studded webisode series spotlights the individuality of each unique person by uniting brand ambassadors who widely span generations.  Together, they form a family: The Roots Family.

The family is aptly named, as each member has a serious root problem on their hands. There’s Maxine Roots (Helen Mirren), the forgetful and eccentric mother of Marilyn (Andie MacDowell) and Maxwell (Jonathan Saxby). Maxwell’s wife, Melinda Roots (Morena Baccarin), is a part-time philanthropist. Meredith Roots (Aja Naomi King), on the other hand, is a full-time drama queen. In addition to her penchant for dramatics, Meredith, along with her sister Margaret (Luma Grothe), is dealing with the issue of scattered gray hairs. Luckily, the family has found a magic root touch up solution that works for everyone.

With education and a sense of humor at its core, L’Oréal Paris shines a spotlight on this entertaining family united in common by their pesky gray roots. To resolve their hair woes – and those of people everywhere – the brand offers a complete range of temporary root-centric products. New Magic Root Precision Pen joins the L’Oréal Paris Hair Color family, which also includes award-winning Magic Root Coverup and Root Rescue.

L’Oréal Paris’ Magic Root Precision Pen will be available on Amazon beginning November 2018. The rest of the Magic Root collection is available at and mass, food and drug retailers nationwide.




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