Lunata Hair seeks to revolutionize the hair care industry at CES

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LAS VEGAS — On a mission to liberate women from the inconvenience of cords, a new company, Lunata Hair is seeking to transform the hair care industry with its innovative wireless and portable styling products, including hair straighteners and curling wands.

In a move to further bolster its position as an emerging leader in the beauty tech industry, the Toronto-based company has launched a cordless, rechargeable, convertible curling iron that can be conveniently turned into a curling wand that will be featured in its booth this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The haircare tool features a 32mm titanium barrel with a removable clip that slides on and off the wand, adapting it from traditional curling iron to clipless curling wand for different looks.

The company’s wand features two modes: cordless, battery-powered mode for portable use, as well as plugged in mode for professionals, or for when the battery runs low. The battery is also removable and rechargeable, and consumers can carry spares as well. Lunata Hair has recently partnered with select retailers to sell its industry-leading products online, including and

“Our mission is to free women from cords. Technology is at the forefront of everything we do, and every product we develop,” said Lunata Hair chief executive officer and co-founder Monica Abramov, who started the company in 2017 with the brand’s chief marketing officer Anastassia Boguslavskaya. “Our vision is to develop products that allow women to extend the life of their blowout, and enable them to increase the time between washes.”

Boguslavskaya added that the creation of their company came out of their frustration of not being able to find quality cordless haircare products.

“As consumers, we would search for cordless hair tools and found that what was currently on the market left a lot to be desired. The tools were butane powered, and ‘travel sized’ which is great for space saving, but really does nothing for your hair, and doesn’t get hot enough,” Boguslavskaya said. “We travel a lot for work, and we kept facing the same issues. We finally decided to stop searching, and take matters into our own hands, and the Lunata Hair brand was born.”

Benefits and features of the Lunata Hair cordless, rechargeable curling wand will include:

  • A clipless, full-sized wand for beautiful beachy waves on the go.
  • A removable clip to turn your wand into a traditional curling iron with a titanium barrel for even heat distribution and long-lasting style.
  • Two modes: corded mode for max heat and use, and battery-powered mode to use on the go.
  • Heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in corded mode, and 400 degrees Fahrenheit in cordless mode.
  • A removable battery so you can carry a spare if needed.




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