Manscaped debuts Essentials Kit at Target

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SAN DIEGO — Manscaped, the below-the-waist grooming company providing precision-engineered tools and accessories for a simple and effective manscaping routine, announced today that its Essentials Kit will hit shelves nationwide at Target stores. A distinctive men’s grooming package featuring products specifically designed to trim a man’s most intimate areas, the Essentials Kit is a must-have for every man’s grooming routine.

The Manscaped Essentials Kit includes:

• The Lawn Mower 2.0 — The precision-engineered electric trimmer, and cult favorite, features a 6,000 RPM motor, anti-nick SkinSafe and QuietStroke technology, and the brand’s signature replaceable ceramic blade head to minimize painful tugs, snags, and cuts when trimming a man’s most delicate areas.

• Crop Preserver — The below-the-waist, anti-chafing ball deodorant with aloe vera provides up to 24-hours of Active pH Control, keeping a man’s most sensitive areas dry, fresh, and cool.

Manscaped started and continues to lead the manscaping revolution and offering these popular products in Target stores will no doubt spread the ever-growing popularity of men’s below-the-waist grooming across the country,” said Manscaped founder and chief executive officer, Paul Tran. “We are thrilled to have our products available at Target so that every man can experience the confidence and refinement that Manscaped provides.”



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