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Mars Wrigley intros insights, new products at 2019 NACS Show

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HACKETTSTOWN, N.J. –  Mars Wrigley is announcing on Wednesday its evolved c-store Path to Purchase (P2P) insights, debuting a new lineup of products, and sharing advancements on the first-of-its-kind Innovative Merchandising Incubator test-and-learn with Kum & Go at the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) annual show in Atlanta. These new insights and products, paired together, will address the ever-changing retail landscape and promise industry growth.

“We’re continuing to see a large shift in how and why consumers shop for confections,” said Jim Dodge, vice president of convenience at Mars Wrigley U.S. “As the global category leader, Mars Wrigley’s newest c-store P2P recommendations will help retailers connect with consumer demands today and build the foundation for tomorrow’s shopping experience.”

With deep knowledge of the shopper journey, Mars Wrigley’s newest c-store recommendations introduce Connect and Celebrate occasions in addition to Recharge and Reward to ensure that the shelf is based on the occasions and reasons consumers reach for confections. The new guidelines also insert new signage to remind shoppers of confections while in-store and subsequently build basket sizes.

Mars Wrigley is also debuting delicious new products and line extensions that deliver on key industry trends like unique flavor twists, new formats and textures, and salty and sweet combinations.

“At Mars Wrigley, we continuously keep a pulse on new trends and expand our product portfolio to include a variety of flavors, textures and pack sizes that connect with today’s shopping behaviors,” said Tim LeBel, president of sales at Mars Wrigley U.S. “By introducing new products from some of our most beloved brands, we’ll continue to surprise and delight our consumers and help our trusted retail partners drive sales.”

Finally, Mars Wrigley is also pleased to announce that its test-and-learn with Kum & Go, established through the 2019 Innovative Merchandising Incubator, will deploy in February 2020. The results of this program will be used to refine Mars Wrigley’s recommendations to support customer engagement and propel in-store and in-aisle growth.

“We created the first-of-its-kind Innovative Merchandising Incubator program in April 2019 to address some of the toughest challenges retailers face when selling confections,” said Shaf Lalani, vice president of strategic demand leadership at Mars Wrigley U.S. “Today, we’ve not only identified an impactful test-and-learn that will help Kum & Go excel, but also help other retailers overcome similar challenges in the future as new product variations continue to hit the market.”

The following are items that Mars Wrigley will feature at this year’s show:

  • COMBOS Spicy Honey Mustard Pretzel:Launching nationally in 2020, COMBOS Spicy Honey Mustard Pretzel is the latest innovation from COMBOS® which combines spicy honey mustard inside a pretzel shell. This winning combination is jam-packed with deliciousness to create even greater taste satisfaction.
  • DOVE Midnight Fudge Cookie Bar: Chocolate fudge flavor and rich chocolate pieces combine for a decadent fusion of chocolatey textures. The newest treat from DOVE Chocolate will be available nationwide beginning December 2019.
  • EXTRA Refreshers Mint Mix and Berry Mix: EXTRA, the No. 1 selling gum brand in the U.S., launched new flavors of its EXTRA Refreshers gum. The first-ever soft chew added to the EXTRA® portfolio is now expanding its original flavor offerings — Spearmint, Polar Ice and Tropical Mist — to include Mint Mix and Berry Mix, two variety packs that enable consumers to try three different Mint flavors in one pack and a mix of Berry flavors in the other.
  • M&M’S Fudge Brownie: M&M’S Fudge Brownie is the newest M&M’S variety launching in spring 2020. It’s a bite-size brownie experience paired with the colorful fun of M&M’S®, creating an easy-to-portion take on a nostalgic favorite. More than just the taste of brownie — consumers enjoy a delightful flavor AND chewy texture in each bite! M&M’S Fudge Brownie will be available nationwide beginning April 2020 in 1.41 oz. Single, 2.83 oz. Share Size, and 9.05 oz. Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch.
  • MILKY WAY Salted Caramel Bar: The newest variety of MILKY WAY, Salted Caramel Bar is a sweet-and-salty twist on the classic MILKY WAY, showcasing rich milk chocolate, creamy caramel, and smooth nougat, and adding crunchy salt to take you to a whole new galaxy of flavor. The variety will be available in January 2020 in 1.56 oz. Single, 3.16 oz. Share Size and 3.38 oz. Fun Size 6 Packs with Share Size hitting Walmart shelves in October 2019.
  • SKITTLES Dips: New for 2020, SKITTLES Dips are an indulgent, multi-textured unique fruity experience combining the chewy SKITTLES consumers love with a soft, creamy yogurt-flavored coating. Each pack combines the Original Five Fruity Flavors of Strawberry, Orange, Grape, Green Apple and Lemon with a smooth yogurt-flavored coating. Available nationwide in February 2020 in Single ($0.89), Share Size ($1.49), Grab & Go ($1.98) and Sharing Size ($2.98).
  • SNICKERS White: SNICKERS will tap into the growing demand for white chocolate with its newest addition, SNICKERS White. Available nationwide in January 2020, SNICKERS White will feature the iconic SNICKERS bar fully covered with white chocolate, available in 1.4-ounce Single and 2.8-ounce Share Size.
  • STARBURST Gum: STARBURST Gum brings the power of the No. 1 fruity confections brand into fun gum. Each bottle combines the Original unexplainably juicy flavors of Cherry, Orange, Strawberry and Lemon. STARBURST Gum will be available nationwide in 2020 in 15-count Bottles, 40-count Bottles, and 120-count Stand-up Bags.
  • STARBURST Swirlers: In April 2020, STARBURST will introduce new STARBURST Swirlers chewy fruit sticks. STARBURST Swirlers combines flavors consumers know and love into one chewy, juicy stick. STARBURST Swirlers chewy sticks come in three mouth-watering flavors: Strawberry-Cherry, Orange-Strawberry and Cherry-Lemon.
  • TWIX Cookies & Crème: Launching in January 2020, the latest innovation from TWIX will feature chocolate cookie bars and an all-new soft-creme center packed with crunchy cookie bits, all while covered in creamy milk chocolate. TWIX Cookies & Creme will be available in 1.41 oz. Single, 2.87oz. Share Size, and 8.7oz. Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch.
  • Zombie SKITTLES: Coming this Halloween, Zombie SKITTLES feature a spooky mix of Five Fruity Flavors: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, Blood Red Berry and a hidden Rotten Zombie flavor mixed into each pack. Available fall 2019 in Share Size ($1.49), Lay Down Bag ($2.49) and Fun Size Bag ($2.99).


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