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McKee Foods and Little Debbie brand sweetens Valentine’s Day with new treats

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COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. — As the Valentine season draws near, McKee Foods, maker of the beloved Little Debbie brand, is delighted to reveal two delightful additions to its Valentine’s Day lineup, accompanied by a charming packaging refresh that promises to capture hearts. Presenting the all-new Little Debbie Vanilla Mini Donuts and Big Pack Valentine Cakes — Vanilla, these delectable treats are poised to enchant taste buds and infuse an extra dash of sweetness into the season.

McKee Foods recognizes the significance of variety and catering to diverse preferences. This Valentine’s season, the brand eagerly introduces two new members to the family:

Little Debbie Vanilla Mini Donuts: For those who savor a smaller indulgence, our freshly unveiled bite-sized Vanilla Mini Donuts are a delightful addition to the Valentine’s Day lineup. Coated in light pink frosting and adorned with a playful white icing pattern, these miniature treats offer a symphony of vanilla flavor in every bite. Whether shared or savored solo, they present the perfect way to extend a little love to someone special.

Little Debbie BP Valentine Cakes — Vanilla: Big Pack Valentine Cakes  Vanilla bring a classic and comforting taste to the Valentine’s Day festivities. Individually-wrapped and topped with light pink frosting and a playful white icing stripe pattern, these heart-shaped cakes are poised to become a seasonal favorite. Packaged with care, each carton contains six big snack cakes, providing the ideal format for sharing with all your loved ones and making this Valentine’s season extra sweet.

Fresh Packaging Graphics and Heartwarming Designs

In addition to these delectable new treats, Little Debbie is unveiling fresh packaging graphics across the Valentine’s Day lineup. The new designs showcase a modern and heartwarming aesthetic, perfectly setting the tone for the season of love. With captivating details, including light teal backgrounds and playful pink paper cutout hearts, each package is thoughtfully crafted to make each treat feel even more special.

Something for Everyone this Valentine’s Season

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Vanilla Mini Donuts and Big Pack Valentine Cakes  Vanilla to our cherished Little Debbie family,” said Erica Cunningham, Little Debbie product manager II at McKee Foods. “These additions underscore our commitment to providing a diverse range of treats that cater to the varied preferences of our customers. Whether you’re a fan of bite-sized indulgences or classic vanilla goodness, each new item ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy this Valentine’s season.”

These new additions join the already well-known lineup of iconic Little Debbie Valentine treats, each carefully crafted with love and presented in the brand’s fresh, new, heartwarming designs.


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